How do I apply for a full-time Undergraduate Degree Course? 

Application for all full-time Undergraduate Degree Courses from EU applicants is made via the Central Applications Office.  Students can apply online. 

Where can I find out information on Undergraduate Courses on offer and get a hard copy of the Undergraduate Prospectus? 

You can download a prospectus here.  A hard copy of the Undergraduate Prospectus is available from the Student Registry Helpdesk or can be ordered by emailing 

How do I know if I am an EU Applicant?

For the purpose of application an EU applicant is defined as a student who has been resident in an EU/EEA member state for three of the five years prior to application and whose parents have been in full- time employment in an EU/EEA member state for three of the five years prior to application.

How do I know if I pay fees at the EU or NON-EU Rate? 

Information is available from the Fees Office.

Application Deadlines

What is the closing dates for Undergraduate Full-time Degree Courses? 

The normal closing date is 1st February in the year of entry.

Is there a late application date? 

Students presenting school results may submit a late application up to 1st May in the year of entry (late application may not be  made by  those applying for entry to Medicine or by those applying for courses on Mature Years grounds).

What is the deadline for CAO applications to Medicine? 

The Medical Course programme has a restricted final closing date of 1st February in the year of entry.

I have applied to the CAO – can I change my course choice? 

There is a Change of Mind facility, with a closing date of 1st July in the year of entry. 

Is there an Exceptional Closing Date? 

There is an exceptional closing date of up to the 22nd July for applicants who are currently undergraduate students in any year in one of the participating HEIs. This application is made through the CAO . Admission will be based on school leaving results (points) in competition with all other CAO applicants for the year of entry. 

Non-Eu Applicants

I am a non-EU applicant and wish to apply to an undergraduate degree programme?  How do I go about it? 

Non-EU applicants to all undergraduate degree programmes other than Medicine (GY501) should apply directly through the International Affairs Office of the University.

University of Galway does not accept direct applications for our medical programme from Non-Eu applicants. Non-EU applicants to Medicine should apply though our agencies depending on your geography.

North American and Canadian students should apply via Atlantic Bridge 

Applicants from countries other than North America, Canada and Singapore should apply via  IUMC 

Government Scholars from Saudi Arabia, Oman & Kuwait should contact your local Cultural Bureau/Embassy directly, or Castel Education ( for initial enquiries

Non-Government Scholars (private applicants) from the Gulf countries (excluding Kuwait), the wider Middle East Region and Africa should apply via Castel Education  

Prospective students applying from South East Asia should contact Study Ireland in our Malaysia Office by email

Prospective applicants from all other countries (excluding the specific areas mentioned above), please email  

UK & Northern Ireland Applicants

I am an applicant taking GCE exams in the UK or Northern Ireland.  How should I apply and how do I calculate my points? 

You should apply via the CAO by the normal closing date of February 1st in the year of entry or by the late closing date of May 1st

What A level grades are required for entry to University of Galway undergraduate courses? 

For information please click here.

What are the A Level grades worth when converted to Irish Leaving Certificate points? 

To calculate points for A levels or GCE grades please refer to the document "A level Quick Guide to Courses" here.

What GCE subjects are acceptable for NUI Matriculation purposes?

A list is available on the NUI Website 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 (Tel: 01 4392424)

EU Applicants outside Ireland and UK

I am an EU student from an EU country other than Ireland or the UK.  How do I apply and what do I then need to do? 

You must apply through the CAO  by the normal closing of February 1st in the year of entry or by the late closing date of May 1st and tick the box ’Other School Exams’.  If you have completed a recognised final school examination, e.g. German Abitur, International Baccalaureate in a previous year you must send a certified copy of your results to the CAO.  If you are taking the final school exam in Summer then you must post a certified copy of results to the CAO as soon as they become available.  Final closing date for receipt of examination results and/or translation of certificates is July 31st.

How do I find out which European qualifications are recognized for purposes of entry to University of Galway? 

For information please refer to Agreed Entry Requirements Criteria for EU/EFTA Applicants 

Is an English translation of my qualification required? 

Yes, a certified English translation is required in the case of qualifications not issued originally in English or Irish.  This must be sent directly to the CAO, not directly to the university. The original document must be supplied in addition to the translated document.

Open Days

When are your Open Days/Information Evenings? 

Information on Open Days/Information Evenings is available here

Semester/Term Dates

When are the term/semester dates ? 

Information on Term Dates is available here


General Matriculation 

 What is the basic entry criteria for admission to Undergraduate Courses?

All students wishing to enter an Undergraduate Degree Course at University of Galway must meet the Matriculation requirements of the University.

What does matriculation mean? 

Matriculation refers to the minimum requirements for entry to the University. Therefore before an applicant can be considered for admission they must meet these minimum standards.

What are the Matriculation entry requirements for admission to University of Galway?

For holders of the Leaving Certificate six subjects for Matriculation purposes are required, with at least two H5 and four O6/H7 Grades.

Do some courses have additional entry requirements? 

Certain Courses have additional requirements and these are specified in course entry requirements in the Undergraduate Prospectus,the Quick Guide to Courses and on the University of Galway website.

What does the points system mean? 

As fulfillment of the matriculation requirements is not in itself usually sufficient for admittance to courses sought, a selection scheme under which applicants are ranked in order of merit of performance at school leaving examinations is operated and this is called the points system. Each applicant's score is calculated by allocating points for grades achieved in one sitting of the Leaving Certificate examination. Only the best six subjects are taken into account for points.

Where can I get a copy of the points? 

See Quick Guide to Courses for a list of all courses and the points required for each last year.

What are Bonus Points for Maths?

Bonus points scheme for Higher Level Cert Mathematics has been in existence since 2012.  Details of the newly introduced scheme, including detailed examples of how the new system will work, are available here.   

Can students repeating the Leaving Certificate submit point scores from different Leaving Certificate Years for the purpose of points calculation? 

Entry requirements can be taken from any number of Leaving Certificates but only the best six subjects in any one year can be used for scoring purposes. The exception is Medicine. Students seeking to enter Medicine must satisfy the minimum entry requirements in the same sitting. 

Can students combine the results of the Leaving Certificate Exam taken in different years for admission? 

An applicant may combine the results of Leaving Certificate examinations obtained in different years for Matriculation purposes. (This concession applies to Matriculation only; it does not apply to points calculation). However, it should be noted that students seeking to enter Medicine must satisfy the minimum entry requirements in the same sitting.

Is there a minimum age requirement? 

Students must normally have attained the age of seventeen years by 15 January following entry:  e.g. for entry in 2024, date of birth must be on or before 15 January 2008. Where a student below that age seeks to enter the University, special application must be made to the President of the University.

What subjects do you need? 

Information on subject requirements for entry to Undergraduate Degree Courses is available in the Undergraduate ProspectusUniversity of Galway websiteQuick Guide to Courses for Leaving Certificate students and Quick Guide to Courses for A-level students

Can subjects presented from LCVP (Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme) be used to satisfy the minimum requirements? 

Link modules of the LCVP are acceptable for points purposes for entry to Univesity of Galway. Please note that the LCVP is not an acceptable qualification or subject for matriculation purposes.

Is Garda vetting an admission requirement ? 

University of Galway offers a number of courses that require students to have Garda Clearance and these are listed in course entry requirements in the Undergraduate Prospectus and on the University of Galway website.

A copy of the University’s Garda Vetting Policy is available here‌‌.

Is General Home Economics acceptable as a subject? 

Home Economics – General is not an acceptable matriculation subject for admission to University of Galway.  However Leaving Cert Home Economics – Social and Scientific is an acceptable matriculation subject for admission to University of Galway.

Are there any invalid Subject Combinations? 

The subject Physics and Chemistry may not be presented with either Physics or Chemistry. Only two of the following subjects may be presented: History, Economic History, Economics. Agricultural Economics may not be presented with Economics. Classical Studies may not be presented with Latin or Greek. 

Is Foundation Level Mathematics or Foundation Level Irish acceptable? 

The subject Mathematics (Leaving Certificate - Foundation Level) will be accepted for matriculation purposes, but not as a substitute for the subject ’Mathematics’ in faculties or courses for which the subject ’Mathematics’ is currently an entry requirement. Entry points will not be awarded for this subject. The Leaving Certificate subject ’Ghaeilge - Bonnleibhéal’ (Irish - Foundation Level) will not be accepted for matriculation or points purposes.

What is the Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination? 

The Engineering Maths Qualifying Examination is for students who achieve sufficient CAO entry points and satisfy all other entrance requirements, but who do not achieve the requisite grade in Mathematics in the Leaving Certificate for admission to certain Undergraduate Engineering courses. Please click here for further information and past papers. 


What is HPAT-Ireland? 

HPAT-Ireland (Health Professional Admissions Test-Ireland) is an assessment test which was introduced in 2009 for EU students applying for undergraduate medicine in the Medical Schools in the Republic of Ireland. The score achieved in the HPAT-Ireland examination will be added to the Leaving Certificate points to create a total points score for admission to Medicine. 

The Irish Language requirement

 Is the Irish Language required for entry to University of Galway Degree Programmes? 

Generally speaking, Irish is a standard subject requirement for matriculation for applicants with the Irish Leaving Certificate. However certain applicants may be eligible for an exemption from this requirement, (e.g. those born outside the Republic of Ireland). Detailed information is available on the NUI Website 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 (Tel: 01 4392424)

Where can I find information on how to apply for an Exemption? 

This information is available by contacting The NUI, 49 Merrion Square, Dublin 2 (Tel: 01 4392424)

The Third Language Requirement

 Do I need a third/modern language for University of Galway courses?

A third language is required for Arts, Commerce, Law,  Medicine , Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Podiatry.  It is not required for entry to Nursing or Engineering.  Nor is it required for Science Courses except for Biotechnology.

What are the Third Language requirements for those whose first language is not English?  

All applicants whose first language is not English, or who have not been educated through the medium of English language during their two most recent years of study, must have advanced level English in Final School Exam or must present one of the recognised English Language  qualifications  (e.g. IELTS,TOEFL)  For further information, please refer to NUI Website.



What is the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR)? 

Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) is a college and university admissions scheme which may offer places on reduced points and extra college support to school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.

Where can I get more information on HEAR? 

For information on the Higher Education Access Route (HEAR) please click here .


What is the Disability Access Route to Education (DARE)? 

DARE is a college and university admissions scheme that may offer places on reduced points to school leavers with disabilities.

How can I apply to DARE? 

Information on how to apply is available here.

Access AND QQI (FETAC or NCVA) Routes of Entry

 If I don't have the points required for the course I want to do, are there other entry routes to admission for School Leavers?

There are other entry routes considered for admission, e.g. the Access Entry Route and QQI (FETAC or NCVA) admission route.

Where Can I get information on the Access Route of Entry? 

Full information is available from The Access Office.     

Where can I get information on the QQI (FETAC or NCVA) Route of Entry?

Full information is available here.


What Scholarships are available?

Information on scholarships is available here.


Can I transfer from one First Year Course to another First Year Course if I don't like the course I am on after first year? (e.g. Arts to Commerce or Science to Medicine)

Entry to year one of Undergraduate Degree courses must ordinarily be gained via the Central Applications Office

Are internal transfers possible for new entrants?

Yes, they are.  See information here.

Are internal transfers possible at all for students who may have completed a year or two in another course (existing students)?

Yes, in certain circumstances.  See information here .

Is it possible to transfer to advanced  level of courses at University of Galway?

The Undergraduate Admissions Office will process applications from students wishing to transfer into an Undergraduate Degree programme at a level beyond first year. Transfer applications are normally considered from students who have completed a course at level 6 or level 7 in an Institute of Technology or completed year one of a degree in another University and wish to transfer to year 2/3 of a similar course at University of Galway. Information is available here . N.B. It is not possible to transfer to Medicine at University of Galway.