Modes of Study

Our courses fit your lifestyle.  Find out what all the different modes of study are and what they mean: full time, part time, distance, and more.

Full time study

Full time means you spend the full amount of hours per week on your programme of study.  Almost all courses are available full time.

Part time study

Part time means you spend fewer hours per week on your programme of study.  Sometimes part time hours are during nights and/or weekends to accommodate those who work full time.  Many courses are available both full time and part time, so you can get the same degree if you wish to study only part time hours.

Distance Learning

Distance learning is for students who perfer to study on their own at home.  At the beginning of the course, you receive self-paced, self-instructional learning materials, either hard copies or via the internet. You meet their tutor and other students occasionally for workshops and tutorials.

Classroom Based Learning

Classroom based programmes take place both on NUI Galway's campus and at our outreach locations.  Classroom based learning is part time and combines time in the classroom with time spent alone studying and doing project work.

Blended Learning

Blended learning is an extension of distance learning. It's a combination of self-instructional learning materials , traditional face-to-face lectures and workshops, online discussions, self-assessment activities, assignments and formal examinations.

Returning to Learning

Returning to learning is for students starting late on their education or who have had an interruption in their education. You must be over 23 years of age and you can apply to NUI Galway as a mature student.

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