Student Ambassador Programme

The Student Ambassador programme provides an opportunity for currently enrolled undergraduate and postgraduate students to represent the University of Galway and gain some practical experience working alongside the Student Recruitment & Outreach team, assisting with events across the Campus and locations across the country.

 Student Ambassador Programme


Representing University of Galway as a student ambassador is a rewarding experience and offers numerous benefits including:

  1. It’s a casual part-time paid position in the University
  2. Represent the University and learn more about the campus, become a part of the University of Galway community
  3. Opportunity to tell your story to potential students
  4. Get lots of FREE goodies, including branded merchandise
  5. A great way to grow both personally and professionally, helping to improve your confidence and learn new skills
  6. A great way to enhance your CV with skills such as teamwork, event planning, public speaking and much more
  7. Meet a lot of other students and make new friends
  8. A great opportunity to network with staff members and lecturers (outside your own area of study)

How to Apply:
Students must be available to attend an interview and scheduled training on specified dates.

Please contact for an application form.