University of Galway welcomes applications for full-time undergraduate degree courses from students taking GCE exams in the UK or Northern Ireland.

Application Process:
Applications should be made to the Central Applications Office (CAO). Students are encouraged to read the CAO Handbook which provides great detail on the application process. The CAO also provides a suite of helpful video guides explaining the application process.

Entry Requirements:

Please see our A Level Quick Guide 2024 which provides the minimum entry requirements for each of our undergraduate programmes offered through the CAO.

It is also important to check that your GCE subjects are recognised for the purposes of meeting the entry requirements. Please consult this guide by the National University of Ireland to check the recognised subjects:  A-level Recognised Subjects.

A-level to Leaving Cert Equivalencies: (updated April 2024)

The A Level Quick Guide 2024 also provides a table on the A-level to Leaving Cert Equivalencies.

Universities Ireland has developed new A-level to Leaving Certificate equivalencies which will make it easier for students with A-levels to secure university places through the CAO. The new equivalencies will be implemented for whole university cycle in the 2025 CAO cycle. The existing equivalencies will continue to apply for the 2024 CAO cycle.