Undergraduate Application Closing Dates


Applications for full-time Undergraduate Degree courses (Irish and EU Applicants) are made via:  The Central Applications Office (CAO)

Closing date

1 Feb

Late applicants

1 May

Change of mind

1 July

Please refer to CAO Handbook for restrictive closing dates.

*NB: The medical programme has the restricted entry final closing date of 1 February

Postgraduate Closing and Review Dates

PAC , the online application system opens on 1 November to accept applications for the following September Entry.

Closing Dates (for Taught Programmes)

Some courses have specific closing dates.  Please check the course information for your courses closing date: http://universityofgalway.ie/courses/taught-postgraduate-courses/

General Review Dates (for Taught Programmes)

1 December

1 January

1 February

1 April

1 June

Applications will continue to be reviewed in the summer months if there are still programme places available. As programmes become filled, they will be closed to further applications on PAC. As such, you are advised to apply early.

 Closing Dates (for Research Programmes)

Submit your application to a research programme at any time with the exception of applications to the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies. Applications to this college are required before mid-July or Mid-November in that year (for September and January commencement respectively).

Term Dates

Term start and end dates can be found here: http://universityofgalway.ie/registry/academic-term-dates/  

Open Days

Check out our upcoming Open Days at http://universityofgalway.ie/courses/open-days/