About Us

The Payroll & Employee Expenses Reimbursement Office, a division of the Financial Accounting Office, is entrusted with the following responsibilities:

  • Timely Processing:  We ensure the timely processing of wages, salaries for staff, and pensions for retired staff on both a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Hourly Employees:  We handle the payroll processing for hourly paid employees, including campus visitors such as external examiners, quality reviewers, subject specialists, and guest lecturers, along with part-time academics who serve as teaching support staff.

  • Scholarship Stipends: We oversee the processing of scholarship stipends initiated by Research Accounts, utilizing the Core HR/Payroll platform.

  • Deductions Management: Our team is responsible for managing all statutory and voluntary deductions on wages, salaries, pensions, and other forms of remuneration. We ensure that all necessary returns are promptly submitted to the relevant authorities, such as Revenue and Social Protection.

  • Expense Claims: We process approved staff expense claims, which are submitted online through the University's financial system, Agresso.