Thanks to the sustained work and vision of our committed international members of staff, the ISN was constituted in 2019 and celebrated a virtual launch in May 2020. The ISN will continue working to engage with NUI Galway colleagues and build a progressive and innovative staff network over the coming years. The network began with the intent to provide a clear voice and vision for inclusion and representation at NUI Galway.  As we move forward our key objectives, as outlined in the Constitution, are:

  • To protect and promote the interests of international staff at NUI Galway 
  • To create an inclusive environment for staff of all nationalities at NUI Galway 
  • To facilitate social and professional networking for international staff 
  • To advocate and raise awareness of issues concerning international staff 
  • To contribute to a culture of diversity, inclusivity and equality, both at NUI Galway and in the broader societal context.

To further these objectives, the ISN will strive to continually develop recommendations and/or lead work programmes in response to challenges and concerns raised by our members.

There are currently Three Work Programmes, led by Officers in the ISN Executive.The ISN is open to receiving suggestions and input from our membership at any time. Please contact us at

Events Programmes

Management and development of all membership, cultural, and information events within the ISN. Including: Social Coffee Mornings, Town Hall events on relevant topics, development of a cultural events calendar for the University. 

Communications Programmes

Management and development of network and membership communications. Including: Website and social media, branding and marketing.

Inclusion and Representation Programmes

Management and development of programmes that will impact on the inclusion and representation of international staff within the University community. Including: working with HR on staff induction programmes, supporting representation on University/College committees and increased involvement in goverance, and development of programmes specific to inclusion on campus.