The inaugural Executive Committee of the ISN developed a comprehensive Constitution for the operation and goals of the Network. In November 2019, the ISN Constitution was approved by member vote and the network was formally constituted.

Future changes to the goverance and operations of the ISN will be developed and approved at Network AGMs.

Annual General Meetings take place each year, and all members are encouraged to attend for an update of the work completed in the past year and planning for the future.

Executive Committee

Current membership and roles of the ISN Executive (2022-2023)

MemberRole   School/Unit
Dr Tina-Karen Pusse  Co-Chair Languages, Literatures, and Culture
Dr Dinali Wijeratne Co-Chair Business & Economics
Dr Amir Shafat   Medicine
Dr Chaosheng Zhang   Geography & Archaeology
Dr Srinivasan Raghavendran   Business & Economics
Ms Stephanie Neylon   Galway University Foundation
Dr Sara Farrona   Natural Sciences

Constitution of the International Staff Network


The name of this organization shall be the NUI Galway International Staff Network (hereafter ISN).  



  • To protect and promote the interests of international staff at NUI Galway 
  • To create an inclusive environment for staff of all nationalities at NUI Galway 
  • To facilitate social and professional networking for international staff 
  • To advocate and raise awareness of issues concerning international staff 
  • To contribute to a culture of diversity, inclusivity and equality, both at NUI Galway and in the broader societal context.


The NUI Galway ISN will work with the University management to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provision of social and networking opportunities for international staff and staff interested in the broader topic of internationalization
  • Peer-to-peer support for international staff with respect to issues related to their non-national status
  • The sharing and/or communication of information of relevance to international staff, and the sharing and/or communication of information of relevance to NUI Galway’s objective to promote and support internationalization 
  • The creation and maintenance of an internal as well as an external professional environment in which international staff experience equality of access and opportunity in relation to support of their professional activity and their career development 
  • The increased visibility of international staff within the context of NUI Galway 
  • An increase in representation of international staff at senior levels of management at all levels of the university, including Disciplines, Schools, Colleges and Research Institutes, as well as the highest decision-making bodies of the University  
  • An increase in representation of the issues encountered by international staff at all levels and forums within the University  
  • Identification of and support to resolve inequality and discriminative practice  


Membership of the ISN is open, free of charge, to all NUI Galway staff members who are interested in the Purpose and Objectives of the Network. Associate Membership is open, free of charge, to all on-site contractors who are regularly engaged on the NUI Galway campus, and who are interested in the Purpose and Objectives of the Network.  Individuals can register for membership, or cancel their membership, on the Network's membership webpage, or via email to the ISN inbox.



The ISN is governed by an Executive Committee, which shall consist of no less than 8 and no more than 10 members. Expressions of interest will be sought from members, and the Executive Committee will be elected by the ISN membership. The Executive Committee will at all times comprise a majority of international to national ISN members. A member of the Office of the VP for EDI may be an ex-officio member of the Executive Committee. Executive Committee members will serve for two years, with the option of re-election for a maxiumum of two consecutive terms.  Associate members cannot be elected to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee will elect among itself two Co-Chairs, a Treasurer, a Secretary, and Officer roles. The Executive will ensure Chairs regularly represent all the constituencies (EU/Non-EU) within the ISN. Co-Chairs will be elected annually, with the Treasurer, Secretary, and Officers serving for two years.


In addition to the Co-Chairs, Treasurer, and Secretary, the ISN shall include (at least) three Officer roles that will lead certain remits on behalf of the Executive Committee. The Officers will include: 

  • Communications Officer
  • Events Officer
  • Inclusion and Representation Officer

Officers may convene membership groups as needed to lead projects or gather quantitative or qualitative data.


An annual general meeting (AGM) will be held in between the fourth and seventh week of the first semester of each academic year, to which all members of the Network are invited, and at which all necessary governance will take place. The Executive Committee will meet at the beginning and at the end of each academic semester, with a required quorate of 4 members, including at least one of the two Co-Chairs. The Executive Committee may meet on a special basis as required. An extraordinary AGM may be called by the Executive Committee as required. 


The ISN will be formally recognized by NUI Galway via the following measures:  

  • Approval of the Network’s Articles of Constitution by the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Campus Committee
  • Recognition by NUI Galway as the representative of international staff members and consultation by NUI Galway to provide input to relevant actions taken by the University
  • A seat on the Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Campus Committee to represent the ISN’s interests and provide updates on its activities 
  • Advisory and financial support from the Office of the Vice President for Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion and collaboration with other University administration and services (e.g. Human Resources) on an ongoing basis as required 
  • Recognition in University processes (e.g. staff induction) alongside other similar staff supports, where appropriate 


Amendments to the Constitution of the ISN may be proposed by the Executive Committee or by a signed petition of at least ten members, with a majority of international members. Alteration(s) may only be executed at the AGM. The resolution proposing the alteration(s) shall be included in the notice convening the Meeting and shall require a two-thirds majority of those voting. Votes on alteration(s) may be cast by ballot and may be signed or anonymous. They will be accepted if received when or before the Meeting Chair calls for votes on the alteration(s). 


Dissolution of the ISN follows the same rule as ARTICLE 6 above. 


Version 1: Drafted in Oct 2019 and approved by member vote in Nov 2019
Version 2: Revised in Aug 2021 and approved at AGM Nov 2021