Welcome Back!

The College of Arts Social Sciences and Celtic Studies are hosting a welcome back event for all returning students on Monday September 4th at 9am and 11am (repeated) in the Bailey Allen hall. Come along to get answers to your questions on  academic regulations and learn more about career and coaching supports, extracurricular activities and  Employability Award. This is also a chance to reconnect with one another and meet new friends.

Welcome Back 2023

Kickstart Your Return to College


Information For Second Year Students 23/24

A warm welcome back to our second year students. We look forward to meeting you this year and wish you every success in your studies.

Please click on the links below to access important information:

Registration Information

Online Registration opens on 21 August 2023 at 10am for Third and Final Year Arts students and 2pm for all Second Year Arts students.

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Important Information about Registering for your Modules

Please ensure in advance of online registration opening in August, that you have decided as to what modules you are going to register for in Second Year. While in First Year all modules are CORE, in Second Year, while some modules are CORE, you will also have optional modules in each subject that you will have to select from.  For optional modules, disciplines cap the number of students that can register for a particular optional module so it would be important that you have decided what modules you are going to register for before online registration opens so that as soon as it opens you register your modules.

University of Galway App - (Room Location Function)

Please download the University of Galway app onto your phone if you have not already done so.
One of the features on it is a campus map where you can insert a room number and it will show you exactly where it is located. This will be very important for you for the first few weeks of term as most  tutorials/seminars and some lecturers will be on campus and you may be be unfamiliar with the locations of your classes. You can search for rooms under 'location'.

Thank you 2nd year CÉIM leaders

Welcome back and a big thank you to the 2nd year Arts students who have volunteered to be CÉIM leaders this year. CÉIM leaders will be facilitating weekly peer learning sessions for 1st year Arts students studying Geography, Law, Political Science and Sociology, and Psychology. CÉIM is designed to help 1st year students gain a better understanding of complex subject matter in a relaxed atmosphere, quickly adjust to university life, become successful and independent higher education learners and get to know other 1st years and those in higher years.