Arts in Action 2023-24

Arts in Action is back to University of Galway with an exciting programme of events. The multidisciplinary programme kicks off this year’s schedule with children’s theatre and will follow along a journey through the arts, stopping off with musicians, filmmakers, theatre makers, and more. Over the course of the year the programme will bring high quality live performances, talks, and screenings to students, staff, and friends of Arts in Action, embodying the philosophy ‘níneart go chu le chéile,’ we are stronger together, and through this coming together we are capable of transformation.

The arts are a collaborative art form, it is with the support of our audiences that we are enabled to make shows, share stories, and create change together. With this programme we invite students and faculty from disciplines outside of the arts to come and seek a new perspective, and for those within an artistic discipline to reimagine outside of their own thinking. We invite visitors from outside of the university with our broad and varied programme. We are eternally grateful to Mary McPartlan, founder of Arts in Action, for guiding us on this journey.

Marianne Kennedy

Drama and Theatre Studies

School of English and Creative Arts

Arts in Action Spring 2024

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