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Student Testimonials 


Maggie McCracken |   From the College of the Holy Cross, USA

I chose Ireland because growing up I experienced American Irish culture, including the food and music, and learned about the history of Ireland but I had never actually been to Ireland itself. I wanted to take classes that would be fairly unique to this country. So, I went for modules in the Celtic civilization course and geography classes that would have field labs in an Irish setting. Highlights of courses in the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies are hearing the Irish language (no understanding is needed to succeed but it’s nice to hear it used informally or references to Irish sources), doing outdoor labs on Irish beaches and parks, and having dedicated professors interested in Ireland past and present who share that with us. Also, the geography and archaeology modules contribute to my degree back in the US. I love the manageability of Galway city. Its smaller size makes it very bikeable (renting a bike was a good investment), but also walkable, and you are able to get familiar with your favourite places from social ones like pubs and museums to natural areas like the river, port, and beaches.

Nabeel Ahmad |   Government of Ireland Scholarship Recipient, Pakistan

I chose the Masters in Global Media & Communication at the College of Arts, Social Sciences, and Celtic Studies, University of Galway, to deepen my understanding of the dynamic and interconnected world of media. This programme aligns with my passion for exploring diverse global perspectives and developing the critical skills necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of communication in the 21st century. I am eager to engage with the rich academic environment at Galway and contribute to the discourse on the global media stage. Embarking on the Masters programme in Global Media & Communication has been an enriching journey. The vibrant academic community and diverse student body have provided a stimulating environment for intellectual growth and collaborative learning. Engaging lectures, thought-provoking discussions, and the opportunity to work on real-world projects have not only broadened my understanding of global media but have also fostered valuable connections and friendships. The supportive faculty and access to cutting-edge resources have made my student experience both fulfilling and inspiring.
Alice Patricia

Alice Patricia Akongo |   MSc Adolescent Health student

I chose to study in Ireland because of its excellent education system. Ireland ranks among the top in the world, especially in fields such as technology, business, and science. I wanted to be part of this education system. I learned about Ireland 15 years ago while I was still in high school in Uganda. The Irish government was offering a bursary scheme to some students in my school, and over the years, I have admired the Irish government's work in my country's education and health sectors. When I joined my second job at Straight Talk Foundation, I worked on two projects funded by the Irish government (prevention of HIV/AIDS in the communities of Karamoja and the Raising Hope project). This built on my passion for working with young people.


Alumni Testimonial


Rodney Rikhotso |   Kader Asmal Fellowship Recipient

I studied the Master of Arts in Gender, Globalisation and Rights, graduating in 2022. I chose the course in the field of gender studies mainly because of how unique the programmes at University of Galway are. Moreover, the course is interdisciplinary, and that alone exposed me to various areas of interest ranging from understanding how gender inequality affects the society where patriarchal systems are seen at play. Another important aspect is a professional placement that allows students to integrate theory into practice by being linked with Irish organisations. I had the opportunity to do my placement with Teagasc, the Agriculture and Food Development Authority in Ireland, where I learned a lot about diversity and inclusion strategies and made recommendations on how gender mainstreaming strategies may be used to achieve gender equality in the organisation.