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  • We hold a Societies Day at the beginning of the academic year, which gives you the chance to find out about all the societies and sign up. 

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  • Drop in to the SocsBox if you have any questions or suggestion about societies.
  • Phone: +353 (0)91 492852
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Student Societies can be divided into a few broad categories. Within them, you will find societies that cover many subjects, interests and hobbies: 

Academic Societies

We have a wide array of societies linked to the various schools where you can find out more about the subjects, meet students and staff from the discipline and get involved in some great social opportunities and the Annual Balls.
The list: Archaeology, Astronomy, Bio-Med, Botany, Business, CCAFS, Chemistry, Classics, Cumann Staire, Energy, Engineering, Finance, French, Geography, G-eos, German, Hispano, Italian, Journalism, Law, Maths, Marine, Medicine, Microbiology, Neuro, Occupational Therapy, Physics, Psychological, Psychiatry, Speech & Language, Surgery, Zoological. Check out their profiles here.

Artistic and Performing Societies

Galway is famous for its rich and vibrant artistic and social life. You can tap into this tradition by joining artistic or performing societies such as Art, Choral, Comedy, Dansoc, DJ, Dramsoc, Film, Juggling, Music, Musical, Orchestra, Photography, Radio, Rock, Trad Soc, Writers. Check out their profiles here.

Lifestyle and Wellbeing

We also have societies to promote physical activity and positive lifestyle choices such as Airsoft, Baking, Bike Gang, Cheerleading, Dauntless, Dog, Lotus, Organic Gardening, Rover, Skate, Sláinte, Sober, Students for Health Equality, Style, Zen. Check out their profiles here.

Social Action and Political

Flex your political and debating muscles or if have a cause you want to promote at NUI Galway: you're sure to find a society that suits you. You can choose from Amnesty, Choice, Cumann de Barra (Fianna Fail), Ecology Feminist, Life, Misneach, Ógra Sinn Féin, Palestine Solidarity, Shoutout, Social Democrats, SSDP, Young Fine Gael. Check out their profiles here.

Social and Cultural

Some of our societies celebrate the diversity and culture of our campus and include African Caribbean, Chinese, Cumann Gaelach, Entrepreneurship, Erasmus Students Network, GIG (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender), India, International Student Society, Literary and Debating, Malaysian Society, Mature Students, Mincéirs Whiden Society, Check out their profiles here.

Special Interest Societies

Some societies support students special interests and encourage like-minded people to pursue their passions including American Football, Anime & Manga, , Chess, Comic Book, Computer, Fantasy & Science Fiction, Fifa, Foosball, Game of Thrones, Poker, Potter, Radio Control, Time Lord, Victorian, Video Game. Check out their profiles here.

You can log in with your student number and password and join any of them here.

For full details on societies check out their dedicated website here

Student Societies

Student Societies


NUI Galway has over 115 Student Societies, offering you great opportunities to meet people with similar interests, try new things and have fun.

Societies Website