Dr Mingming Tong

B.Sc., PhD

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Lecturer Above The Bar
E: MINGMING.TONG@nuigalway.ie


Dr. Mingming Tong is a full time Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at the College of Science and Engineering of NUI Galway. Following a B.Sc in Physics from the Beijing Institute of Technology (1998), Dr. Tong was awarded the degree of D. Phil. (Materials Engineering) from the Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2004 for his research on computational modelling for the solid state phase transformation of steels. Between 2004 and 2016, he took two separate periods of employment at the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering of University College Dublin, where he worked as research staff conducting and coordinating extensive research activities as well as taking teaching duties in the field of materials processing and thermodynamics. From 2008 to 2010, Dr. Tong worked in the froth flotation research group at the Department of Earth Science and Engineering of Imperial College London, conducting research activities in the fields of foams and bubbles. In late 2016, he started working at NUI Galway as a Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering. 

Research Interests

The fundamental background of Dr. Tong is in the field of computational modelling of material processing with major interests in fluid flow and heat transfer, microstructure, and multi-scale modelling. He has extensive experience with:
  1. Multi-phase flow and heat transfer.
  2. Material metallurgy (such as phase transformation, recrystallization and grain growth).
  3. Metal forming, welding, casting, atomisation, melt conditioning and materials recycling.
  4. Computational modelling and simulation.
  5. Scientific programming and high performance computation.
Based on his former experience working at Imperial College London, Dr. Tong developed extensive expertise and interest in the research of:
  1. Foams, bubbly flow, colloids and agglomerates.
  2. Foaming process and froth flotation.
Multi-scale multi-physics modelling of materials processing is one of the key current interests of him is the field of materials modelling, including:
  1. Developing and implementing the strategy of model integration and coordinating the collaborative research activities.
  2. Developing and implementing the data interface that directly couples different models at the level of source codes.
Besides the conventional topics of materials engineering and mineral engineering, Dr. Tong is currently exploring some new topics of research including such as bioinformatics, single use technology, and advanced manufacturing of medical devices including such as:
  1. User friendly computational software for the computation of system biology.
  2. Optimisation of the single use technology by reducing the negative influence of leachables and extractables, with application in the pharmaceutical industry.
  3. Additive manufacturing of human implants.
  4. Processing of metal foams
  5. Material recycling
  6. Novel functional materials
  7. Fundamentals and application of microfluidics.