Medtronic Technical Fellows Scholarship

The competition is open for applications  for students in 1EG1, 1BM1 or 1BG1 for 23/24 academic year

Application Form

Medtronic Technical Fellow Scholarship will support a student with an award of €6,000 for each year of their study. The scholarship scheme is open to 1st year students in the following programmes:

  • GY408  - 1BG1 Biomedical, 
  • GY405 -  1BM1 Mechanical, or 
  • GY401 -  1EG1 Undenominated Engineering (intending to continue to year 2, 2BG1 Biomedical or 2BM1 Mechanical).
Medtronic Scholarship Terms and Conditions

Please read Terms and Conditions carefully

The scholarship is targeted at students of 1EG1 (GY401, (intending to continue to year 2, 2BG1 Biomedical or 2BM1 Mechanical)) , 1BG1 (GY408) or 1BM1 (GY405) from one or more of the following target groups:
  • students from ethnic minorities including University of Sanctuary students who are lawfully present in the State; members of Irish Traveller community;
  • students from minority communities that are socio-economically disadvantaged or that have low levels of participation in higher education; (e.g. if you are in receipt of SUSI funding)
  • students with a disability
  • further education and training award holders progressing to higher education; and
  • lone parents (confirmed by the Department of Social Protection (DSP) as holding a long­ term means-tested social welfare payment)
As part of your Medtronic Technical Fellow Scholarship application, you must either complete a maximum 500 word personal statement, or record a verbal statement under 5 minutes long. You can prepare the written statement before starting the application, and copy and paste it into the form. If you opt to record the statement, it must be under 5 minutes long, and emailed to as an MP4 file, before the deadline of Friday, 8th March 2024 at 12pm. 

Here are some suggestions of topics for inclusion in your personal statement:

1) What is your academic commitment to university, and what is your motivation for choosing your course?
2) Describe your career aspirations, and how the Medtronic Technical Fellowships scholarship could help you achieve them?
3) Have you engaged in any community work or volunteering in the areas of education, civic society, sport or in your personal life?

Colas Scholarship

The Colas Ireland annual scholarship of €2,000 will be awarded on an annual basis to support an Engineering student currently registered on one of the following programmes at University of Galway.

  • Bachelor and Masters of Engineering (Civil) 5 year pathway 
  • Bachelor and Masters of Engineering (Energy Systems) 5 year pathway 

With over 90 years of expertise, Colas are world leaders in the science of roads and in the development, sourcing, and application of a wide range of products and services for the road industry. Colas Ireland have a policy of leading innovation and maintaining the highest standards in all their activities, from road surfacing to sustainable recycling. For more information on Colas Ireland, please visit

The €2,000 scholarship / bursary will be awarded annually to one student (3BSE1 or 3BE1), selected by the School of Engineering, University of Galway, who meets one of the following criteria: A minimum of a 2.1 average examination result in year 3 in either of the following subject areas:

  • BSE Energy Systems Engineering (3BSE1)
  • BE Civil Engineering (3BE1)

Applications for this scholarship are now open and will close at midnight on Friday, 17th May. Please apply using the form below:

Colas Ireland Annual Scholarship AY 24-25

As part of the  scholarship application, you must write or record a personal statement (500 words, or 5 minutes recorded)

Recipients of the scholarship will be required to perform their 4th year placement with Colas Ireland. All student placements shall be managed in accordance with the School of Engineering’s Professional Experience Programme (PEP) and the Colas Intern Programme Guidance Document


FW Metals Scholarship

  • The FW Metals Scholarship of €6000 per student, per annum, will facilitate travel for two outstanding students to study at Purdue University (August to May each year), and intern with Fort Wayne Metals, Ireland (May to September each year).
  • The FW Metals Bursary will recognise and reward the potential of exceptional female students with an annual award of €3,000 to one student who is selected to complete their internship at Fort Wayne Metals Ireland.

Intel Women in Technology (competition closed for 2022)

A number of scholarships, which include monetary bursaries in the amount of €3000 per person, will be offered to select students who are pursuing an undergraduateLevel Degree in, Computer Science or Electronic Engineering. Closing date Thursday 6th October 2022.  Closed for 2022

Application form


Medtronic Prizes

The Medtronic Prize in Biomedical Engineering is awarded to the student of Biomedical Engineering who achieves first place in the final year of the course leading to the BE degree. This is a cash award.

2022-23 Winner: Meadhbh Parsons

The Medtronic Prize for Best Individual Project is a cash prize that is awarded to the fourth year Mechanical Engineering student(s) with the best final year project.

2022-23 Winner: James Wall


TE Connectivity Prize

The TE Connectivity Prize is awarded to the best fourth year Biomedical Engineering final year project, on a topic that is relevant to the med-tech sector. It is awarded to the best project based on assessment of a submitted abstract and presentation.

The TE Connectivity-Medical award is in memory of Mr Adrian Moran, a Creganna Senior Engineering Colleague who made a significant contribution to medical device research and development during his career and who passed away in 2017.

2022-23 Winner: Meadhbh Parsons


The Aerogen Zenith Prize

Aerogen Zenith offer a monetary prize for the best Biomedical Engineering Thesis Project in the Masters in Biomedical Engineering programme.

2022-23 Winning Group: Ciara Maloney Conroy, Fiona Barrow, Emily Browne and Michael Scanlon


The Cerenovus-Johnson and Johnson MedTech Medal

The Cerenovus-Johnson and Johnson MedTech Medal is awarded to the highest ranked student in the ME in Biomedical Engineering.

2022-23 Winner: Nicole Hannon


The Fredric Barnes Waldron Best Student Award

The Fredric Barnes Waldron Best Student Award is given to the top degree student in Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. It is awarded by the Institute of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE). The student also receives a one-for-all voucher sponsored by Abbott Laboratories.

2022-23 Winner: Lisa Finn


The Port of Galway Prize

The Port of Galway Prize is a cash prize that is awarded to the top second year student in Mechanical Engineering.

2022-23 Winner: Peter Murphy


The Boston Scientific Prize

The Boston Scientific Prize is a cash prize that is awarded to the top student in the Masters in Mechanical Engineering Programme.

2022-23 Winner: Oisin Conway


The Avaya Prize

The Avaya Prize is awarded to the Electronic and Electrical Engineering student with the best final year project. The winner receives a trophy and monetary prize from Avaya.

2022-23 Winner: Brenadan Halligan and Orla Sealy Phelan


David Gilmore Memorial Award

The David Gilmore Memorial Award is sponsored by Ex-Ordo and is a monetary prize given to the Best Student in the ME in Electronic & Computer Engineering.

2022-23 Winner: Orla Sealy Phelan


The Niall Smith Memorial Award

The Niall Smith Memorial Award is sponsored by Aerogen and is a monetary prize given to the Best Student in the ME in Electrical & Electronic Engineering.

2022-23 Winner: Darragh Stapleton


The Chipright Prize

The Chipright Prize in electronic chip technology and design.

2022-23 Winner: Ethan Delaney and Timothy Hanley


The Valeo Prize

The Valeo Prize is awarded to the student with the highest overall mark in the third year of the BE in Electronic Engineering.

2022-23 Winner: Barry Dever


The P.J. Tobin and Co. Gold Medal in Civil Engineering

The Gold Medal is awarded annually, on the results of the BE Examination in Civil Engineering, and on the recommendation of the Professor of Civil Engineering after consultation with representatives of the donor company.

2022-23 Winner: Richard Barron


The P.J. Tobin Research Scholarship in Civil Engineering

The Research Scholarship is awarded annually on the recommendation of the Professor of Civil Engineering after consultation with representatives of the donor company. IT is available only to a graduate registering for a higher degree in Engineering and undertaking research work in Civil Engineering. The Scholarship is intended to help to defray travel and other costs incurred by the candidate in the pursuit of his/her research.

2022-23 Winner: Richard Barron


Ward & Burke Construction Gold Medal for Excellence in Soil Mechanics

This medal is awarded by Ward & Burke to Civil Engineering student.

2022-23 Winner: Philip Speares


The RPS Prize

This prize is awarded by RPS Group to the students who achieve 1st Place in 3rd Year BE Civil Engineering Degree. The RPS prize is a monetary prize.

2022-23 Winners: Samuel Jonathan David


The Coyle Kennedy Prize

Coyle Kennedy Prize is a monetary prize for the Best Building Engineering Community Based Project Second Year in Civil Engineering and Project & Construction Management

2022-23 Winners: Oisin Stapleton, Anna Connors, Bill Demery and William Sparrow


The Madden Art in Engineering Prize

The Madden Art in Engineering Prize is a cash prize awarded to the first year Engineering student(s) who submit the best artwork and essay for a module assignment.

2022-23 Winners: Francesca Callanta and Karen Edmonds O'Sullivan


Máire Brazil Scholarship in Civil Engineering

This will be adjudicated annually by the Dean of Science and Engineering (or his / her nominee) and will be awarded to the eligible female candidate who demonstrates the highest overall grade in her First Year University exams in Engineering. Successful candidates will receive a Scholarship of €2,000 each year for 3 years of study, namely 2nd, 3rd and 4th year of her BE (Civil) degree. Retention of the scholarship from year to year will be conditional upon recipients’ maintaining an honours grade standard in subsequent year examinations (i.e. 2nd, 3rd and 4th year).

2022-23 Winner: Hannah Creedon


Energy Institute Prize for Exploring Ireland 2050

The Energy Institute Prize is a monetary prize and certificate awarded to the Best team project from the Advanced Energy Systems Engineering Class.

2022-23 Winners: Darragh Burke, Colm Larkin, Oisin Smith and Tom Watte


The ESB Networks SmartGrid Innovation Prize

This award is presented to the two students with the highest Group Project marks in Smart Grid module. ESB Networks Sponsors this prize. This prize is a cheque for €500 for each of the two students.

2022-23 Winners: Dylan Moore and Fionn Wandel


The ARUP Prize

This is a monetary prize for the Best Masters of Energy Systems Engineering Thesis.

2022-23 Winner: Leanne McKenna


Engineers Ireland West

This prize is awarded to the top ranking student in the Masters of Energy Systems Engineering class. The award is for €500.

2022-23 winner: Dylan Moore