Framework for Consent in Higher Education

The 2019 Framework for Consent

The Framework on Consent for Higher Education; Safe, Respectful, Supportive and Positive: Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment in Irish Higher Education Institutions, was launched on April 5th 2019. The Framework is a policy document from the Department of Education & Skills that sets out expectations in terms of institutional culture, organisational procedures and structures, and targeted initiatives for students and staff. 

The goal of the Framework is to identify the areas in which HEIs are expected to be active in having a culture that highlights and prioritises sexual assault prevention as an important responsibility, supported by specific, transparent, and accessible policies, and reflected in the direct experience of students (e.g. exposure to messaging on sexual assault and consent, impact on awareness and understanding of active consent). HEIs are expected to proactive in identifying how existing structures and processes should be adapted to meet these aims, and in working toward the goals set out in the Framework.

The new Framework Implementation Plan; Ending Sexual Violence and Harassment in Higher Education Institutions Implementation Plan, 2022-2024, was launched in October 2022 to address the recommendations that emerged from the findings of the National Surveys of Staff and Student Experiences of Sexual Violence and Harassment in Irish HEIs. Summary and detailed survey report findings are available here.