A layered programme of staff awareness raising and training has been developed, led by Dr Pádraig MacNeela and the Active* Consent Team, supported by the OVPEDI. 

University of Galway and Galway Rape Crisis Centre (GRCC) are currently offering First Point of Contact training (9 hours over three x 3-hour sessions) for members of staff and students in positions of responsibility. This training includes disclosure training, with a particular focus on the university environment, and incorporating cultural change.

An awareness raising video for all staff was launched in May 2021 to introduce the Consent Framework and the concept and tips around disclosure - the Staff Awareness video can be accessed here

The ‘Moving Parts’ collaborative project with IADT, UCC and University of Galway was launched on the 23rd March 2022. Moving Parts is a student led animation project which draws attention to sexual consent, bystander intervention, and image-based sexual abuse from the perspective of third-level students. Several powerful animations, in English and Irish, were developed to raise awareness of these critical issues, as part of an active collaboration between students and staff at IADT, NUIG Active* Consent, and UCC Bystander Intervention: https://iadt.ie/about/equality-diversity-inclusion/moving-parts/.

Green* Light is a new podcast collaboration between Active* Consent and the Glow West podcast, that explores how consent, sexual violence, and relationships are depicted in and shaped by pop culture, from film and TV to music and more. Hosts Dr Caroline West, Dr Charlotte McIvor, and Alex Black from the Active* Consent team are joined by some very special guests to dissect these topics and look at how we can create a better world for everyone to explore consent and positive sexual experiences. Green* Light is now available to stream on the Consent Hub.

You can find out more about the Active* Consent Programme here. The Active* Consent Toolkit can be accessed here.