BA International


For 2BA English students interested in Study Abroad, here is some preliminary information:

  • BA Students taking a Modern Foreign Language with English will organise their year abroad through their language department. They will then send a Learning Agreement Form to Dearbhla Mooney, the English administrator, to agree their course choices in English (min. 20 credits).
  • All other Study Abroad is organised by the International Office at University of Galway, with Learning Agreement Forms signed off by both the English department and your second subject. BA Students not taking a Modern Foreign Language can either apply to study at a non-European partner university or through the ERASMUS scheme at a European partner university. Your third year will then become a Study Abroad year, and you will complete a BA (International) degree at the end of your Fourth Year. All places for both kinds of Study Abroad are limited and competitive, and will be based on academic performance (including this semester’s Year 2 results) and application form.
  • University of Galway's non-European partners include: Boston College, Richmond University, University of Ottawa or Shantou University, China. These are not covered by ERASMUS grant funding.
  • ERASMUS places for BA Arts students are limited to those universities that can offer teaching in English for both of their Arts subjects. Examples of popular partner universities for University of Galway English ERASMUS students are the universities of Leuven (Belgium), Gottingen (Germany), Malta (Malta), Leiden, Utrecht, and Groningen (Netherlands), and Uppsala (Sweden).
  • Full information about these programmes is available on the International Office website (see Any questions you may have regarding the application process can be directed to the International Office's ERASMUS and non-European co-ordinators.
  • An information evening about Study Abroad options is usually run by the International Office in January/February of each year. Applications must be made initially to the International Office, and selected candidates will then apply to the ERASMUS scheme in Europe.  Outgoing students should also consult
For 3BA4 students currently studying abroad on the BA International programme:

  • Please note that ALL students must return learning agreements to BOTH of their home departments.  For English, please send your learning agreement to
    You may not take a module which has not been approved on your learning agreement, and you must notify your University of Galway co-ordinator in each subject of any subsequent changes. Ideally, you should also provide by email a link to/details of course descriptions for each module you are taking.
    Students taking English must take 20 ECTS in English.  Where possible you should not repeat material you have already studied in second year or are likely to study in your final year (information on final year English courses is available on our website).

    You should take modules in English Literature  - Language modules are not acceptable.  Linguistics and/or Communications/Media Modules may be accepted in some circumstances.

    All students should also return a copy of their results to the English Department at the end of the BA International year.