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Dr Fiona Bateman
Huston Film School
tel.: 353 (0)91 495918
Ireland and Africa, the Irish foreign missions, and the Nigeria-Biafra war 1967-70

Dr Dermot Burns
Director, MA in English

Room 512  Floor 3, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493974
Medieval literature, chivalric and Arthurian literature, medieval aesthetics and poetic art, Renaissance drama, English Romanticism, fiction of adolescence, monsters and heroes in fiction, service learning: literacy acquisition and learning styles.

Professor Daniel Carey
[On Sabbatical 2023-24]

Room 504, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493083
Early modern travel writing; literature and colonialism; early modern literature and philosophy; John Locke; seventeenth-century literature and science; eighteenth-century fiction, esp. Defoe; the Enlightenment and postcolonial theory.

Dr Clíodhna Carney
Head of Third-Year English 2023-24
Room 507, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 492701
Chaucer, medieval poetics, gifts and exchange, Spenser's Faerie Queene

Professor Marie-Louise Coolahan 
Head of Discipline
Room 503, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493787
16th- and 17th-century English literature; Irish- and English-language women's writing in the early modern period; Renaissance manuscript culture.

Ms Jessica Traynor
Room 306, Floor 1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493129
Poet, essayist and librettist, and poetry editor at Banshee. Her debut poetry collection, Liffey Swim (Dedalus Press, 2014), was shortlisted for the Strong/Shine Award. The Quick (Dedalus Press, 2018) was an Irish Times poetry book of the year. Pit Lullabies (Bloodaxe, 2022) is a Poetry Book Society Recommendation.
Awards include the Ireland Chair of Poetry Bursary, the Listowel Poetry Prize, and Hennessy New Writer of the Year. Operas include Paper Boat, a commission from Irish National Opera and Music for Galway, and The Wanderer, commissioned by Irish Modern Dance Theatre. 

Ms Elaine Feeney 
Room 506, Floor 3, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493203 

Dr John Kenny
Director, BA English & Creative Writing
Room 305, Floor 1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 495612
Twentieth-century literature; contemporary Irish and world fiction; history of criticism, especially literary journalism and reviewing of all periods; the works of John Banville; Creative Writing and Practice.

Ms Róisin Kiberd 
Room 506, Floor 3, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493203

Dr Padraic Killeen
Director, Digital Arts & Technology

Room 304, Floor 1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493786
Digital Humanities

Dr Heather Ladd
Head of First-Year English 2023-24
Room 306, Floor 1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493203
Restoration and eighteenth-century literature; women's writing and performance; comedy; animals in literature; print culture; theatrical anecdotes 

Professor Erin McCarthy
Room 514, Floor 1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493078
Prof of English Literature and Computational Humanities

Dr Frances McCormack
Director of Graduate Research
Room 307, Floor 1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 495348
Old and Middle English literature, literary emotions, literary animal studies and animal rights approaches, Graham Greene, Finnegans Wake

Mr Mike McCormack
Director, MA in Writing
Room 306, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493410
Creative Writing

Mr John Patrick McHugh
Writer-in-Residence 2024
Room 306, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493410
Creative Writing

Ms Dearbhla Mooney

Academic Administrator (Wednesday - Friday)
Room 511, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493339

Dr Andrew Ó Baoill
Director, BA English & Media Studies

Room 513, Floor 3, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 494480
Political economy of the mass media, with a particular interest in the interplay of technological change, regulation and not-for-profit media

Ms Kirry O'Brien
Visiting Student Co-ordinator
Room 308, Floor1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493847
World War One Poetry; World War One Prose; Poetry 1916; Renaissance Drama; Shakespearian Drama.

Dr Muireann O'Cinneide
Head of Second-Year English 2023-24
Room 501, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 495388
19th-century literature; research specialisms in women's writing, politics and literature, and colonial & post-Colonial writing, particularly travel writing.

Professor David O'Shaughnessy
Room 2009, Moore Institute
tel.: 353 (0)91 493908
Eighteenth-century literature, especially theatre; Irish Enlightenment; London-Irish playwrights; theatre censorship; William Godwin; Oliver Goldsmith.

Ms Irene O'Malley
Discipline Administrative Assistant (Monday - Friday)
Room 511, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 492567

Dr Adrian Paterson
Room 502, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 492568
Modernism; fin de siècle and twentieth century literature; literature and the arts, especially music; orality, print, performance, technology, including radio broadcasting; the works of W.B.Yeats, Ezra Pound, James Joyce.=

Dr Alexandra Peat
Room 303, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 492566

Modern and contemporary literature, with a particular interest in travelling cultures, exhibitions, craft, and collaboration. Literary representations of the ephemera of migration and displacement.

Mr Toner Quinn
Toner Quinn is an editor and publisher and has been lecturing on the MA in Literature and Publishing since 2008

Dr Lindsay Ann Reid
Room 515, Floor 3, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 492565
Tudor and Jacobean Literature; Middle English Literature; Classical Mythology; Ovidianism; Adaptation, Intertextuality, and Reception Sudies; Periodisation; Book History and Early Print Culture

Dr Emily Ridge
Head of First-Year English 2023-24
Room 301, Floor 1, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 495609
Modernist and mid-twentieth-century literature; modern women's writing; travel and portability; material culture; hospitality; ethics and politics of care and empathy; literature and emotion; biopolitics; archives and archival research. 

Dr Irina Ruppo
Room 506, Floor 3, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493129
Special interests include Ibsen Studies, Irish Literary Revival (in particular the work of W.B. Yeats, J.M. Synge, and James Joyce), 20th Century Drama, 20th Century Irish Fiction, the Literature of the Fantastic, Literary and Dramatic Adaptation, and Academic Writing.

Professor Sean Ryder
[On Sabbatical 2023-24]
Head of School of English and the Creative Arts
Room 501, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 493009
19th-century Irish culture; the works of Thomas Moore and James Clarence Mangan; digital humanities: critical editing; film studies

Dr Elizabeth Tilley
Director, MA in Literature & Publishing
Room 508, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 492581
19th century Gothic literature and history of the novel; 19th century serials, Irish publishing history and periodical production; book history; links between art and literature 

Dr Justin Tonra 
On secondment as Academic Integrity Officer with CELT (2023-2028)
Room 303, Tower 1
tel.: 353 (0)91 492566
19th-Century Literature; Digital Humanities; Book History; Textual Studies; Bibliography; Scholarly Editing.

Additional Teaching Staff

Ms Claire Commins
Ms Betsy Cornwell Lyons
Dr Nessa Cronin (Centre for Irish Studies)
Dr Sean Crosson (Huston Film School)
Ms Maureen DeLeo
Mr Eamon Doggett
Ms Susan DuMars
Dr Coralline Dupuy
Dr Michał Forwarczny (Marketing)
Ms Esther Greenfield
Dr Conn Holohan (Huston Film School)
Mr Tim Kearney
Mr Ruairí Kennedy
Mr Andrew Levie
Ms Paula Maher Martin
Ms Pauline Murphy
Ms Maura O'Connell (Marketing)
Ms Morag Prunty
Ms Dian Puspita
Ms Ananya Rajoo
Dr Orrnaith Rodgers (French)
Ms Fionnula Simpson

Teaching Staff from the O'Donoghue Centre for Drama, Theatre & Performance

Prof. Patrick Lonergan
Dr Miriam Haughton 
Ms Marianne Kennedy
Dr Charlotte McIvor
Dr Ian Walsh
Ms Aideen Wylde

Retired Staff

Prof Kevin Barry
Dr Julia Carlson Kilroy
Prof Tadhg Foley
Prof Adrian Frazier
Prof Lionel Pilkington
Dr Catherine LaFarge
Prof Hubert McDermott
Dr Riana O'Dwyer