3rd Year

Welcome to 3rd Year/Final Year English!  

Dear Student,

Welcome to Final English and congratulations on passing Second Arts!  We hope you are well and ready to begin your second year of study.  


 HERE is ALL THE INFORMATION you need for Final Year English: Final Year English Student Handbook 2023-24

P‌lease see here for an Updated 3BA/4BA English Student Handbook 2023-24, Semester 2

  • Please download this document and refer to it in first instance, before contacting staff.  
  • Timetables and locations are now available for Semester 1 and 2 in the above handbook. 
  • *Do note: some times and locations may change, so please refer back to this page for updates*
  •  Students must take the required amount of modules each semester (three each semester). 
  •  Please ensure that the lecture modules and seminar modules you have registered for suits your timetable for Semester 1 (and Semester 2).  For Semester 2, online registration will open again in January 2024 where you have the opportunity to change your seminar module.   



  • In Semester One, students choose TWO lecture modules out of a choice of three, and ONE seminar module
  • In Semester Two, students choose TWO lecture modules out of a choice of three, (OR EN399 in place of a lecture module, if eligible) and ONE seminar module

Semester One Courses
Students are required to take THREE out of the following four lecture modules:

  • EN3141 North American Literature  
  • EN387 Specialist Studies: 20th Century Literature 
  • ENG238 Nineteenth Century British Literature

Semester Two Courses
Students are required to take TWO out of the following three lecture modules and ONE seminar from the course outline (or EN399 if eligible).

  • ENG228 Old English Poetry
  • EN385 Drama and Theatre Studies 
  • EN3138 Literature in the Digital Age 
  • EN399 Extended Essay will be offered in place of a lecture module. (EN399 is subject to a separate application process and places will be limited) ‌


Module Information & Registration:


  - All information for Final Year English modules is available in the 3BA English handbook above.‌  Please read this docment carefully before registering for your modules. 


 Please ONLY register for modules that are in the COURSE HANDBOOK above. 
(PLEASE NOTE: some modules may appear online that are not in the course outline).  

  • Online Module selection Registration opens on 21st August 2023.  Further information is available at Registration.
  • The Registration process is administered by the Registration Office, not by the Discipline of English.  Should you have any difficulties, please contact registration@universityofgalway.ie in the first instance. 
  • After you register for your modules online, please print off your registration statment.

 It is VERY IMPORTANT to click on CONFIRM SELECTION and FINISH at the very end of the registration process in order to lock in all the modules for which you wish to register.



Head of Third Year English

The Head of Third Year English for 2023/24 is Dr. Clíodhna Carney (Room 507, 3rd Floor, Tower 1). His email address is cliona.carney@universityofgalway.ie.  Her Student Consultation Hours for Semester 1 are Monday 12-1pm and Wednesday 3-4pm
If you have any concerns that would you like raised on behalf of your class, you can contact one of the 3rd Year English class representatives.  The Class Representatives list will be posted here at the end of October.