Welcome to the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies

The College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies is at the cutting edge of new thinking in the full range of subjects offered within our programmes, ranging from undergraduate to masters, postgraduate and postdoctoral. Our research is internationally recognised for its quality and impact. Our Research led programmes are designed to inspire your intellectual curiosity and to provide you with a flexible pathway to a range of future careers.

Message from the Dean

‌A warm welcome to the College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies website. The College consists of eight Schools that are at the cutting edge of theory and practice in the wide range of subjects offered within our taught and research programmes. The College is also home to three internationally distinct research institutes that contribute to NUI Galway’s mission to serve the public good

Our ambition is to provide an excellent education and university experience for all of our students across our extensive and diverse portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Our courses have been developed in close consultation with major employers, indigenous and international, reflecting the increasing demand for highly skilled, innovative and flexible graduates and include Work Based Learning and Study Abroad opportunities. Many of the subject areas taught across the College are highly ranked globally and this attracts world class academics and researchers to the College. One such area is Children and Youth Studies and NUI Galway is a Centre of Excellence in Children’s Research and Practice. We offer a number of unique undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in this area with opportunities for research at the UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre.

 The College of Arts, Social Sciences and Celtic Studies at NUI Galway is unique in that it is palpably at the core of the creative arts in Galway and the greater region.  The College acts as a partner and a champion for much of the creative arts within the city and is the leading international centre for the study of Irish drama, theatre and performance. We have partnerships with arts organisations at a local, regional and national level, offering a platform for many of our students and graduates to showcase their incredible talents.

We invite students, alumni, staff, researchers, partners and the public to explore our website to learn more about the College and become part of our creative community.

 Prof Rebecca Braun