Curam's MedDevDoc is MSCA co-funded project to support 25 doctoral researchers in topics proposed by multiple supervisors including myself.

Supervisors: Dr Bharat B Tripathi and Prof Karen Doyle

Outline: Millions of people, globally, suffer from brain stroke ever year and is a leading cause of disability. Strokes are caused due to blood clots or thrombus in arteries. One of its treatments, mechanical thrombectomy, requires correct material characterisation of the thrombus which is the focus of this project. Currently the mechanical modelling of clots is done using linear viscohyperelastic models and are inadequate for large deformations. This creates the necessity for new data driven models and their nonlinear characterisation describing large deformation of thrombus, which will be developed with the help of in vitro clots and mimicking gel-phantom experiments   

Qualifications: Aspiring candidates must have the motivation to work at the confluence of Mathematics, Mechanics, Statistics and Computer Science to develop novel theoretical models and numerical methods. Subject knowledge of Partial Differential Equations, Fluid Mechanics, Numerical Analysis, Python, C/C++, machine learning is desirable. Experimental skills will also be beneficial.

To Apply:  Applications, to include a    

    1. two-page CV,   
    2. motivation letter (including details of the past experience/courses relevant for this project), 
    3. contact details of two referees, and
    4. transcripts

should be sent, via e-mail (in one PDF only) to   

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Applications are currently under review. Interested candidates can still send in their application package.