Business, Law, Arts, Science and Engineering Taster Days

  • Teacher/Guidance Counsellor to complete the application form on behalf of the attending school.
  • Please indicate the taster days you would like to apply for and indicate the number of students you would like to bring (max 50 per school) and also your order of preference.
  • Note, the majority of Taster Days are aimed at Transition Year students (Law, Business and Engineering open to 5th Year bookings).
  • Engineering Taster Day is reserved for Fifth Year students with HL Maths.
  • Closing date for applications for these taster days is: Friday 10 March, 2023 @ 5pm
    Business, Law, Arts, Science and Engineering
  • There is normally high demand for Taster Days, and the University will endever to ensure that all schools apply secure places in at least one Taster Day of preference. 
  • Confirmation to successful schools will commence the week of the 13 March. 

Health Professional Taster Days

  • Individual TY students can apply via the online application system Here