Applications from secondary schools are now closed. All schools will be informed of their allocation of places the week of 20th March, 2023.

Arrival and Parking Detail for all Taster Days (18-27 April)

Taster Day 2023 Timetables 


Taster Day
19 April
TY and 5th Year

The Business Taster Day is now taking place on Wednesday, 19th April.

The Business taster day will give students an introduction into the exciting world of Business. Students will learn about: Marketing, Management, Business Information Systems and so much more. 

18 April
TY and 5th Year

The Law taster day will give TY and 5th Year students an introduction to studying Law and an insight into the range of specialisms offered in University of Galway.

Arts Day 1 
19 April
TY only

Arts Day 1 will cover: History, Philosophy, Languages and Cultures (History, Philosophy, Celtic Civilisation, Classics, European Languages, Gaeilge, Modern Irish Culture Studies).

Arts Day 2 
20 April
TY only

Arts Day 2 will cover: Social Sciences, Education and Child & Youth Studies (Psychology, Geography and Development, Archaeology, Political Science and Sociology, Education, Children's Studies, Child, Youth and Family).

Arts Day  3 
26 April
TY only

Arts Day 3 will cover: English, Creative Arts, Journalism and Media (English, Digital Arts & Technology, Creative Writing, Drama, Film and Digital Media, Music, Journalism & Global Media).

27 April
TY only

Students will get the opportunity to live in the world of Science for the day! They will explore the role of becoming a scientist. The students will learn and get familiar with the  science courses we have to offer.

28 April
5th Year only (HL Maths required).

Explore and learn all about Engineering at University of Galway's taster day. 

Note:The Engineering taster day is reserved for 5th Year students with HL Maths.