Active* Consent Workshops

The Active* Consent workshops provide a sex-positive space where young people can explore the nuances of sexual consent and learn how to practice active consent with partners for more mutually enjoyable and safe experiences.  

We offer a 30-minute online workshop and a 1.5-hour in-person workshop.  

To learn more about our workshops and how to bring the workshops to your institution, please visit or contact us at 

Facilitator Trainings

We welcome student leaders and staff to be trained to facilitate the 30-minute online or 1.5 hour in-person Active* Consent Workshops. Participants will engage in the workshop and be given all the information on how to embed it into either their orientation or academic programmes and facilitate it in their own institution.
learn more about these trainings, please contact us at 

eLearning Module

The Active* Consent eLearning module, Sexual Violence and Harassment: How to Support Yourself and Your Peers, brings users on a self-guided and gamified journey to increase knowledge and build confidence to navigate the complexities of consent, sexual violence and harassment on college campuses.  

This eLearning module also provides users with practical and basic skills in supporting friends who disclose negative sexual experiences to them, and how to safely intervene in cases of sexual harassment and/or assault in their peer groups and communities. The module is designed for students, however staff can also benefit from taking it. Participants will receive a certificate following completion of the module.  

To take the eLearning module or learn about how to host the module on your campus, please visit 

Staff Awareness Video

The 20-minute Active* Consent awareness-raising video on consent, sexual violence and harassment introduces staff members working in Irish higher education across a variety of areas to: 

  • Basic definitions of consent, sexual violence and harassment 

  • Key findings from Active* Consent research with students on consent, sexual violence and harassment 

  • Quick tips for supporting a student or colleague if they disclose a negative sexual experience to you 

  • Where to go for more information and support 

 To watch the Staff Awareness Video, please visit: 

'Start Here' Campaign

The Start Here Campaign was developed based on the 2020 Sexual Experiences Survey findings that 79% of college students who disclosed sexual misconduct (rape, sexual assault, sexual harassment) told a close friend. We wanted to support young people in handling a disclosure from a friend by giving them basic skills and tips.  

Where would you start if a friend disclosed to you? What about a student, or a colleague?
What would you say? Where might you tell them to go?
Start here. 
Start Here disclosure tips card

To learn more about the Start Here Campaign and to get access to the Campaign Pack for use in your institution, please visit: 

Active* Consent Toolkit

 The Active* Consent Toolkit is a comprehensive guide to our wide range of learning materials, specially designed for third-level students and HEI staff across all sectors.
We created this cutting edge toolkit to meet the needs of our staff and student stakeholders in Higher Education Institution (HEI) who work to make positive changes promoting a culture of consent on their campuses, and erradicating sexual violence and harassment.

 The toolkit draws on our extensive experience and expertise in research, consent education, and multi-disciplinary programming to present Active* Consent’s unique research base and vision for youth and staff engagement in a usable format accessible across multiple audiences. It is a living document, and the toolkit will be updated on an ongoing basis just as college Action Plans evolve over time to reflect the needs of students and staff. 

 Who is the Active* Consent toolkit for?

 Our toolkit is a resource for continuing development for those who have engaged with our programming in the past, as well as newcomers to the Active* Consent Programme eager to engage with more of our materials. The Active* Consent Toolkit has been tailored to meet the needs of a variety of student and staff stakeholders, including:

  • University staff and administrators, encompassing academic and support staff as well as university management.

  • Student representatives working with their Students’ Unions, Societies and Sports Clubs, or on behalf of their academic disciplines.

  • The wider community including external stakeholders such as Rape Crisis Centres, advocacy groups for survivors of sexual violence and/or harassment, and post-primary education.

How can the Active* Consent toolkit support your institution? 

Our toolkit contains comprehensive information on how to implement your HEI’s Consent Framework Action Plan to tackle sexual violence and harassment, as well as how to bring sustainable and holistic consent education to your campus community.
The Active* Consent Toolkit gives you a comprehensive guide to:

  • The Consent Framework

  • Drafting your HEI’s Action Plan

  • Active* Consent’s 2021-2022 programming

  • Active* Consent’s latest research findings and unique vision for consent education

  • Our 3 stage consent education programme that can be delivered online, and which applies the findings of the 2020 Sexual Experiences Survey into significant opportunities for learning and cultural change

    Download the Active* Consent Toolkit 


Green* Light Podcast 


Green* Light podcast explores how consent, sexual violence, and relationships are depicted in and shaped by pop culture, from Hollywood to TV shows. Hosts Dr. Caroline West, Dr. Charlotte McIvor, and Alex Black are joined by some very special guests to dissect these topics and look at how we can create a better world for everyone to explore consent and positive sexual experiences. 

To listen to Active* Consent’s newly released podcast, Green* Light, please visit: