Welcome to Safe Campus

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NUI Galway has an initiative on campus #SafeCampus. It is a new initiative that will pull together and centralise Events, Policies, Programmes and Advice on keeping safe while at university.

The #SafeCampus campaign aims to communiate a number of support areas:

  • Smart Consent - NUI Galway's Sexual Health and Support Initiative: Research, Workshops and Campaigns
  • Home and Personal Safety
  • Students' Union Campaigns and Involvement on safety
  • Smoke Free Zones
  • Sustainable Campus
  • Pre-departure oversees training for Students

Smart Consent: Research, Workshops & the Campaign

NUI Galway has begun piloting ‘Smart Consent’ workshops, and is the first campus to lead on this training and are working with other Higher Education Institutes to roll it out nationally. Consent can be a grey area, as it is often sought and communicated indirectly and these workshops will provide students with the opportunity to talk about positive forms of sexual communication.  

In a recent NUI Galway survey, 25 per cent of female students reported that another person had tried or succeeded in having sexual contact with them through the use of force, in comparison to 6 per cent of male students. The survey found that half of female students reported unwanted sexual advances in the past year due to someone’s drinking.  Results also showed 50% of NUI Galway students would not verbalise what they are comfortable with sexually with sexual partners. This new initiative aims to provide information on the support services available to students affected by sexual violence, and the University’s hashtag campaign initiative, #NUIGsafecampus, will ensure that all students know how and where to get help.

Learn more about NUI Galway's Research, workshops available and how to get involved

Campus Saftey

Contact Security for all your campus saftey requests. They are available 24 hours a day to help you. Red telephones in the lobby of campus buildings are free to use to contact Security on 3333.

Home and Personal Safety

The Students' Union offer advice on how to stay safe at homepersonal safety and water safety. It also runs various training workshops throughout the year.

Students' Union Campaigns and Involvement on safety

The NUI Galway Students' Union runs various campaigns on a regular basis to help raise awareness about safety at home, while out-and-about and on-campus. It runs a Sexual Health and Guidance, also known as SHAG week, each Semester with lots of freebies, events, and workshops free for all to attend.

Smoke Free Zones

We are working together with Students and Staff for a healthier campus. In January 2016, two smoke-free zones come into effect, centred around two new designated smoking shelters outside the Hardiman Building and Engineering Building. The smoke and litter in these areas can have a negative impact on our campus community. Together, we can make NUI Galway a cleaner and healthier campus. Learn more about the Smoke-Free zones here.

Green Campus

NUI Galway has registered for An Taisce's Green Campus Programme and is actively working towards achieving a Green Flag for our university and is striving to integrate sustainable practises into all aspects of campus and community life. With over 20,000 students and staff on campus, there are small steps we can ALL take to improve our environmental performance. Learn more about how NUI Galway is working together for a cleaning, greener campus!

Pre-Departure Training for Oversees Volunteering

Students travelling abroad with the University to volunteer are required to take oversees training. Pre-departure training takes place on a yearly basis in conjunction with the ALIVE Student Volunteering Office and the international volunteering leaders. The training is free and includes training in Security and Personal Safety (Eurocheck), Child Protection, Ethics, Interculturalism  and awareness of risks of HIV (for Medical and Nursing Students). Learn more about International Volunteering training on the ALIVE website.