Research Updates November 2021

Dec 01 2021 Posted: 09:11 GMT
  • Vikrant Pratap is new PhD candidate in our School. He started on October 1st 2021 under the supervision of Bharat. He will be working on "Surrogate modelling of shear shock waves in brain in context of traumatic brain injury". 
  • Congratulations to Donal, who has once again been recognised on Clarivate’s 2021 global list of highly cited researchers (
  • Victoria Sánchez Muñoz and Peter Phelan are running a seminar group for postgraduate students within the school. More information from Peter:
    • "I'm pleased to announce that the School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences postgraduate seminar group is now running. Meetings will be held both online (through Zoom) and in person (in ABD-G021) every Thursday at 12pm. We intend for presentations to be short (between 15-30 minutes), and accessible to a general maths postgraduate audience. Please let Victoria ( or me ( know if you have any questions, or if you wish to be added to our mailing list."
  • Niall presented a talk (remotely, unfortunately) on "A Boundary-Layer Preconditioner for Singularly Perturbed Convection Diffusion Problems" at a conference on Numerical Methods and Scientific Computing at the CIRM, Luminy, Nov 8-12. 
  • Dúalta and Aaron had their paper 'Coronal mass ejections and type II radio emission variability during a magnetic cycle on the solar-type star ε Eridani' accepted for publication in the Astrophysical Journal
  • Two PhD students from the CRT have joined Pilib's group: 
    • Kevin Ryan is a graduate of the MSc in Biomedical Genomics Programme and will work on a project looking at tumour neoantigens and stromal cell signalling in breast cancer. Kevin is co-supervised by Dr. Laura Barkley in the Lambe Institute for Translational Research. 
    • Karen Guerrero Vazquez is a CS graduate from Mexico who will work on therapeutic target discovery for muscle wasting in ageing and disease. Karen is co-supervised with Dr. Kasia Whysall in the School of Medicine.
  • Barry Digby has been delivering a six-week course on Genomics Data Science for secondary school students with Galway Youth Academy.
  • Sarah Ennis will give a poster presentation on: 'Single-cell characterisation of the hematopoietic bone marrow niche in health and disease' at next week's Systems Genomics Summit.
  • Two new preprints from Pilib's group:
    • Mariel is a co-author on a manuscript describing work carried out with collaborators in the US and Japan on the role of the TBX1 transcription factor in neurodevelopment: 'Transcriptional regulation of neonatal neural stem cells is a determinant of social behavior'. (
    • Shane is first author on a manuscript examining reproducibility/clinical utility of deep-learning models in MRI imaging analysis: 'Magnetic Resonance Imaging-based Deep Learning Predictive Models of Brain Disorders: A Systematic Review of Modelling Practices, Transparency, and Interpretability' (


  • Bharat B. Tripathi, Sandhya Chandrasekaran, and Gianmarco Pinton. "Super-resolved shear shock focusing in the human head". Brain Multiphysics, 2, 100033, 2021. DOI:
  • John Haslett, Andrew C. Parnell, John Hinde, Rafael de Andrade Moral. "Modelling Excess Zeros in Count Data: A New Perspective on Modelling Approaches". International Statistical Review, 2021.


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