Research Updates October 2021

Nov 01 2021 Posted: 04:07 GMT
  • Valentina has a new PhD student, Griffen Small who has started this month. Griffen is doing a PhD in applied maths and his project is about the mathematical modelling of the viscoelastic behaviour of soft tissues.
  • Harold started to work on the “Modelling and simulation of impact waves in brain matter” under a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship.
  • Aaron and Pilib have been granted a US patent (US Patent 11,092,591) on their work with colleagues in New York to identify blood-based biomarkers for radiation injury. This work has applications in the triage and monitoring of exposed individuals following radiological incidents.
  • Pilib's group hosted Alexandre Petellier from Fabien Delahaye's lab at the Institut Pasteur de Lille for two weeks as part of an IRC Ulysses award. The two groups have started a collaboration around the use of deep learning methods for batch correction of single-cell RNA-sequencing data in fetal growth disorders.
  • Pilib appeared on the Iris Aniar radio programme (RnaG) on 21/9 to discuss the DTIF award on developing cancer immunotherapies and on 27/10 to discuss his group's work in predicting antibody-mediated graft rejection in kidney transplant patients.


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