Research Updates May 2022

May 30 2022 Posted: 12:56 IST
  • The joint meeting of Groups in Galway and the Irish Geometry Conference took place on campus from the 18th until the 20th of May.  The meeting was organised by Angela, Tobias, John B and Martin K.
  • Jim gave a talk at the University of Umea Discrete Maths Seminar. Title “Rigidity, Combinatorics and Topology”
  • Koushik Paul has won funding to attend a workshop on Structure of Group Algebras Over Local Rings in Ambleside, Lake District, University of Cumbria, UK from 23rd to 27th August, 2022.
  • Davood gave a talk "Challenge your limits!" at the Conference on Applied Statistics in Ireland (CASI) in Cork.
  • Pouyan Nejadi gave a talk on "Movement Pattern Discovery With Applications In Elite Soccer" at CASI.
  • Beatrice Charamba presented a poster on "Bayesian Multiple Imputation For Missing Functional Data" at CASI.
  • Lydia King presented a poster on "The Role Of Copy Number Alteration And Gene Expression Data In Stratifying Breast Cancer Patients Within Predictive Models For Survival Outcome" at CASI.
  • Anna Grossbach presented a poster on "Modelling Epigenetic Age And Its Association With Early Life Adversity Over Time" at CASI.
  • Amanda Forde presented a poster on "More Accurate And Unbiased Associations In Genetic Association Studies" at CASI.
  • Martin K will have a research visitor from the University of Tennessee on campus this week. His name is Jason DeVito and he will also give a talk on Thursday, 2 June, in the School Seminar.
  • Valentina won €8000 from the College of Science and Engineering Strategic Research (Millennium) Fund for research on "Characterisation of the 3D Viscoelastic behaviour of brain tissues in torsion"
  • Bharat was successful in securing €10000 from the College Millennium Fund for research on Traumatic brain injury modelling
  • Pilib was awarded €10k from the College Millennium Fund to recruit a Research Assistant in order to advance work from his group on batch correction and integration of multi-omic single-cell data using Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs).
  • Pilib has been invited to join the SFI ADAPT Research Centre for AI-Driven Digital Content Technology ( where he will collaborate with researchers in the Digital Content Transformation (DCT) Strand focusing on AI for Digital Health.
  • Harold gave an invited lecture at the SPIN ITN Workshop “Physics & dynamic processes” in Carcans, France.
  • Michel gave talks at the Séminaire de l'Institut Langevin, Université De Paris / Sorbonne, on May 10; at the International Workshop: A symposium on continuum questions, University of Glasgow, on May 12; at the Mathematics Colloquium, University of Manchester, on May 18; and at Elasticity Day, University College London, on May 19.
  • Through a partnership with Contego Sports, a company manufacturing rugby headguards, Bharat and Michel will be recruiting a postdoctoral fellow in the autumn to model brain concussion events.
  • Oriane Armand, Masters student from University of Grenoble Alps, France, is working with Bharat since April 4th till September 9th as an Erasmus trainee. She is working on deep learning techniques for medical image segmentation.
  • Julia Kompanowska (2nd year UG student) will be starting her six-weeks summer internship with Bharat from June supported by WiSTEM NUI Galway.
  • Sarah Ennis has a new paper on BioRxiv: 'Single-cell characterisation of the hematopoietic bone marrow interactome in health and disease'. Sarah Ennis, Alessandra Conforte, Tatiana Cichocka, Sukhraj Pal Dhami, Pamela Nicholson, Philippe Krebs, Pilib Ó Broin, Eva Szegezdi.
  • Giuseppe has a new PhD student in Applied Mathematics, Mohsen Daman, who works under a Double PhD Agreement with Università di Pisa.
  • Roisin Hill has been awarded IRC funding for a 2-year postdoc with Natala Kopteva in UL starting in Sep 2022.
  • John Andrew has started a PhD with Andrew, working on functional data analysis.
  • Giuseppe gave a talk "Incompatible Surface Growth" at the Workshop "Discrete and Continuum Modeling of Natural Systems, May 29th -- June 3rd, 2022, Fasano Italy".
  • Amin Alibakhshi, Weiqiu Chen, Michel Destrade, Nonlinear Vibration and Stability of a Dielectric Elastomer Balloon Based on a Strain-Stiffening Model, Journal of Elasticity (
  • Jim Cruickshank, Bill Jackson (QMUL) and Shin-ichi Tanigawa (Tokyo) “Vertex Splitting, Coincident Realisations and Global Rigidity of Braced Triangulations” accepted for publication in Discrete and Computational Geometry.
  • Lussier, A.A., Zhu, Y., Smith, B.J., Simpkin, A.J., Smith, A.D., Suderman, M.J., Walton, E., Relton, C., Ressler, K.J. and Dunn, E.C., 2022. Sensitive periods for the effect of childhood adversity on DNA methylation: Updated results from a prospective, longitudinal study. Biological Psychiatry: Global Open Science.
Funding opportunities (keep up to date:
  • DETE DTIF 2022 – Call 5 – Advanced Manufacturing. 21st July Deadline. Must be led by an enterprise with RPOs taking no more than 50% of total funding.
  • EI Commercialization Fund – €80-350k for research directed to marketable outcomes. Next full application deadline is 1st July 2022, but Feasibility and invited full proposals are still possible at any time.
  • SFI Discover Programme Call – to empower and inspire deep public engagement – closing date June 21st, up to €300,000 with up to 2 years duration
  • SFI FFP Awards (under the 2021 call) – Open again until further notice – up to €1M in funding.
  • SFI US-Ireland R&D (“Tripartite”) – NI and ROI funders have their own funding streams available. ROI up to €700,000 for projects with a 1-5 year duration. Rolling call dependent upon US funder timelines.
  • EPSRC-SFI – remains open, subject to EPSRC’s scope and UK lead partner, up to €500k. Rolling call.
  • SFI Pathway Postdoctoral Fellowships – will open shortly with a July 22nd EOI deadline for applicants ***There will be an internal competition before the EOI
  • stage – max of 16 STEMM and 8 AHSS applications per university*** Details to follow from Research Office.
  • ERC Starting – Opening 12th July 2022 - Closing 25th October 2022 (2-7 years' experience after Phd)
  • ERC Consolidator – Opening 28th September 2022 – Closing 2nd February 2023 (7-12 years' experience after Phd)
  • ERC Advanced – Opening 8th December 2022 - Closing 23rd May 2023 (For established research leaders with a recognised track record of research
  • achievements)
  • MSCA-PF (Previously IF) - Opening 12th May 2022 - Closing 14th September 2022
  • MSCA-DN (Previously ITN) - Opening 12th May 2022 - Closing 15th November 2022


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