Research Updates June 2022

Jul 01 2022 Posted: 09:05 IST
  • The School hosted the 24th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society last week. The conference was an enormous success (after 4 years of planning!) with 260 participants, 240 talks, 6 posters, and attendees from 30 countries. Huge congratulations to organisers Rachel, Niall, Collette, Mary, Kevin and Roisín!
  • Beatrice and Kishor both successfully defended their PhD theses in Statistics during June - congratulations again to both!
  • Laura Fahey (co-supervised by Pilib and Derek Morris in Biochemistry) successfully defended her PhD work on: 'Post-GWAS Analyses of the Polygenic Basis of Schizophrenia and Cognition'. The internal examiner was Prof. Brian McStay and the external examiner was Dr. Richard Anney from Cardiff University.
  • Our summer interns presented on their work today, with an excellent series of presentations:
    • David Cormican and Dmytro Lyubka Sphere Packing, Lattices, and Modular Forms (Graham Ellis)
    • Katrina Watson Alternating Sign and Sign-Restricted Matrices (Rachel Quinlan)
    • James Nohilly Quantum Circuit Simplification and Extraction (Mark Howard)
    • James Hayes Peto's Paradox (Cathal Seoighe)
    • Robin Pfeiffer Physics informed Neural Networks for Numerical Analysis (Niall Madden
    • David Acton Measuring Quantum Tunnelling Dwell Time Using Larmor Precession (Michael Tuite)
  • Koushik has been selected and funded to attend the conference Young Group Theorists Workshop: Exploring New Connections in SwissMAP Research Station in Les Diablerets, Switzerland from 4-9 September. He will be presenting his research work on Construction of Specht Modules for Finite Type-B Coxeter Groups in a poster there.
  • Elif Adıgüzel, an Electrical Engineering & Physics student from Koç University, Istanbul started an Erasmus+ internship working with Aaron. Elif will be using the I-LOFAR radiotelescope to study planetary lightning.
  • Sumaira (PhD student working with Aaron) presented her poster entitled "LncRNA based antigen load enables prediction of patient’s survival and immunotherapy outcomes in Melanoma" at the European Association for Cancer Research Congress 20-23 June, Seville, Spain.
  • Together with Prof. Evan Keane (TCD), Aaron organised two field trips/workshops to the I-LOFAR radiotelescope in Birr on June 16th and June 23rd, bringing together graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from both institutions to share experiences and research expertise.
  • Aaron gave an invited talk on "Monitoring Space Weather over the Arctic" to the Network of Arctic Researchers in Ireland (NARI) meeting, held on June 20th at the Hodson Bay Hotel in Athlone.
  • Aaron co-chaired the session "AI4EO - Applications for Land and Water" at the European Space Agency's Living Planet Symposium, held in Bonn between 23-27 May.
  • Aaron (virtually) attended the Science Working Group meeting for the MORFEO (Multiconjugate adaptive Optics For ELT Observations) consortium held in Grenoble between 31 May / 1st June. The ELT ('Extremely Large Telescope'!) currently being built by the European Southern Observatory will be on completion in 2027 the largest optical telescope ever built - NUI Galway is part of the Franco-Italian-Irish consortium to build the MORFEO instrument.
  • Sarah gave a talk on her work on: 'Single-cell characterisation of the hematopoietic bone marrow interactome in health and disease' at the VIBE 2022 conference held in UL.
  • Shane also gave a talk at VIBE on: 'Genetic association studies of deep learning derived intermediate neuroimaging phenotypes'.
  • Sophie gave a talk at VIBE on 'An Evolutionary Perspective on Peto's Paradox'
  • Anna gave a talk at VIBE on 'Epigenetic Aging and its Association with Adult Psychiatric Risk'
  • Victoria presented a poster and gave a talk in the minisymposium “Mathematics of quantum information” at the 24th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society, held at NUI Galway between 20-24th June 2022
  • A few weeks ago (13-17 June) Michel taught a graduate course at the Centre International des Sciences Mecaniques in Udine, Italy, as part of an advanced school on the topic of instability in solids. There were 6 lecturers, 18 on-site international students (including Sairam Pamulaparthi Venkata, who's doing a PhD with Valentina and Michel), and 12 online students (including Andrei Cherkasov, who's doing a PhD with Stephan).
  • Elena Tosti, Ana S Almeida, Tam TT Tran, Mariel Barbachan e Silva, Pilib Ó Broin, Robert Dubin, Ken Chen, Amanda P Beck, Andrew S Mclellan, Eduardo Vilar-Sanchez, Aaron Golden, Paul W O’Toole, Winfried Edelmann: Loss of MMR and TGFBR2 increases the susceptibility to microbiota-dependent inflammation-associated colon cancer. Cellular and Molecular Gastroenterology and Hepatology, 2022
  • Zhu, Y., Lussier, A. A., Smith, A. D. A. C., Simpkin, A. J., Suderman, M. J., Walton, E., Relton, C. L., & Dunn, E. C. (2022). Examining the epigenetic mechanisms of childhood adversity and sensitive periods: A gene set-based approach. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 105854.


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