Research Updates July 2022

Aug 03 2022 Posted: 10:05 IST


  • Jim Cruickshank gave a talk on “Symmetric pseudotriangulations” at the British Combinatorial Conference (BCC) in Lancaster July 11-15  
  • Jim Cruickshank was a co-author on 3 other talks at the BCC – one invited talk in the Matroids and Discrete Geometry mini-symposium on “Global rigidity of triangulated manifolds” by Shinichi Tanigawa (Univ. of Tokyo) and also contributed talks on “Unique realisations of outerplanar graphs” by Bill Jackson (QMUL) and on “Braced triangulations and rigidity” by Eleftherios Kastis (Lancaster Univ.)  
  • Jim Cruickshank gave a talk at ILAS last month on “Global rigidity for line constrained frameworks” and also co-organised a mini-symposium at ILAS on rigidity and low rank  matrix completion.  
  • Together with Eoin McIvoy, in Engineering, Giuseppe Zurlo will co-supervise the PhD in Engineering of Thomas Hayes, one of our recent graduates, who secured funding from the College of Science and Engineering.  
  • Ted Hurley gave a talk at Ischia Group Theory Conference 20-25 June 2022 entitled ``Groups and Group Rings are simply the best! For Coding Theory''. This was funded by `Retired Staff Research Fund', RSFRS,  of NUIG.  
  • Ted Hurley gave an online talk at `Computing Conference 2022' 14-15 July entitled ``Linear block and convolutional MDS codes to required rate, distance and type''.The conference was due to be held in London but was made virtual due to Covid restrictions.  
  • The corresponding paper appeared as part of the proceedings of the conference just the previous week:    
  • Rex Dark gave an invited keynote talk at the Ischia Conference "Using Galois fields to construct finite p-groups" 
  • Harold Berjamin gave his talk entitled "Acoustoelasticity of soft viscoelastic solids and phononic crystals" (joint work with R. De Pascalis) at the following conferences: the 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference (ESMC 2022, Galway, Ireland), the International Workshop on The Evolving Nonlinear Continuum Panorama (Castro Urdiales, Spain), and the 15th International Conference on Mathematical and Numerical Aspects of Wave Propagation (WAVES 2022, Palaiseau, France). 
  • Giuseppe Zurlo and Michel Destrade were on the organising committee of the 11th European Solid Mechanics Conference which took place in Galway, 4-8 July. With 1,200 participants, it was the largest conference held on campus to date.  Valentina Balbi, Giuseppe Zurlo, Harold Berjamin, Stephan Rudykh and Michel Destrade organised mini-symposia at the conference. They also gave talks, and so did Bharat Tripathi, Hannah Conroy Broderick and Bin Wu.  
  • Michel Destrade was on the scientific committee of the International Workshop on The Evolving Nonlinear Continuum Panorama, July 11-15, Castro Urdiales, Spain, and he presented a talk.  
  • Sairam Pamulaparthi Venkata took part in both conferences. 
  • Hannah Conroy Broderick spoke on "Electro-elastic Lamb waves in dielectric plates" at the European Solid Mechanics Conference in NUI Galway at the beginning of July. 
  • Barry Digby has started a 6-month placement at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle where he will work on developing genomics workflows for variant calling in cancer samples. 
  • Shane O'Connell has started a 5-month placement at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York where he will work on linking genetic data and MRI image features to better understand the neurobiology of psychiatric disorders. 
  • Laura Fahey has a new article on bioRxiv: Comparing the XGBoost machine learning algorithm to polygenic scoring for the prediction of intelligence based on genotype data. L Fahey, DW Morris, P Ó Broin 
  • Victoria Sánchez Muñoz attended the SIAM Annual Meeting in Pittsburgh (USA) on 11-15th July. She was the student representative of the SIAM Student Chapter at NUI Galway and also gave a short presentation. (If you want to join the chapter, send her an email, any help is welcome to organise this year's one-day Irish annual conference at NUIG!). 


  • “Topological inductive constructions for tight surface graphs” by James Cruickshank, Derek Kitson, Steve Power and Qays Shakir. Preprint available at  
  • Hurley, Ted (2022). ``Linear Block and Convolutional MDS Codes to Required Rate, Distance and Type''. In: Arai, K. (eds) Intelligent Computing. SAI 2022. Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems, vol 507, pp. 129–157, Springer, Cham. 

Funding opportunities (keep up to date:  

  • SFI FFP Awards (under the 2021 call) – Open again until further notice – up to €1M in funding.  
  • SFI US-Ireland R&D (“Tripartite”) – NI and ROI funders have their own funding streams available. ROI up to €700,000 for projects with a 1-5 year duration. Rolling call dependent upon US funder timelines.  
  • SFI Royal Society University Research Fellowship. 6th September Deadline.  
  • EPSRC-SFI – remains open, subject to EPSRC’s scope and UK lead partner, up to €500k. Rolling call.  
  • ERC Starting – Closing 25th October 2022 (2-7 years' experience after Phd)  
  • ERC Consolidator – Opening 28th September 2022 – Closing 2nd February 2023 (7-12 years' experience after Phd)  
  • ERC Advanced – Opening 8th December 2022 - Closing 23rd May 2023 (For established research leaders with a recognised track record of research achievements)  
  • MSCA-PF (Previously IF) - Opening 12th May 2022 - Closing 14th September 2022  
  • MSCA-DN (Previously ITN) - Opening 12th May 2022 - Closing 15th November 2022  


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