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Computer Science

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‌‌Professor Ed Curry

Room 311, Data Science Institute


Dr. Duggan’s interest is in policy modelling to investigate the feedback interactions between economical and energy policies and the environment. He is lead investigator with the System Dynamics Research Group at NUI Galway, and specialises in the design of computational methods to model complex social systems.

I received an honours B.Sc. degree in Information Technology from NUI Galway in 2006. I received an M.Sc. degree in Applied Computing and Information Technology from NUI Galway in 2010 as part of a collaborative project between NUI Galway and UCD. This work involved developing a One-Sided Classification toolkit and carrying out experimentation on high dimensional spectroscopy data. This work resulted in a single publication which won a best paper award at a national AI conference. I received a Ph.D. from NUI Galway in 2016. My Ph.D. research involved designing and implementing multiple reinforcement learning architectures in Java to automate the control and adaption of non-player characters in a commercial first-person shooter game.

‌‌Dr. John P. McCrae

Computer Science

Room: 101, Data Science Institute

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Dr Ihsan Ullah

Computer Science

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