University of Galway partners with Hygeia, a leading Irish manufacturer established in Galway City in 1939 by Dr. Donny Coyle and now based in Oranmore.

For over 80 years, Hygeia have manufactured and distributed high performance garden care, agricultural and animal care products. They continue to offer innovative solutions and strive to select the most environmentally friendly and sustainable options. Hygeia has ambitious plans for growth over the coming years and plan to contribute to the local jobs market and local community. Their company values are:

Innovation - Hygeia is constantly creating and developing new products to satisfy the consumer need while still caring for and improving the environment.

Quality - With a professional production facility, Hygeia are dedicated to blending and packing products to the highest quality standards. Our sales force covers the country selling our trusted best-selling brands to garden centres, home stores, co-operatives and many more retail stores.

Excellence – Hygeia are proud to be selling Irish products and proud to be trusted by farmers and gardeners throughout the country and across Europe for over 80 years. Hygeia is a Guaranteed Irish company.

The partnership will provide the Hygeia Scholarships to students who are experiencing financial barriers to accessing third-level education as well as internship and placement on graduation. The ten-year partnership will be open to students across the University and will support student services to award funding to students experiencing hardship. 

The Hygeia Scholarship programme will award scholarships across the disciplines over the duration of their partnership. The 2023/24 Hygeia Scholarship invites applications from first year undergraduate students from the J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics.


The scholarship is targeted at incoming first year students who are socio-economically disadvantaged and meet the following criteria:  

  • Total house hold  income of  €50,000
  • Or deemed HEAR Eligible  


The total value of the scholarship will be €4,000 per student, per annum.  The scholarship value will be paid towards annual tuition fees with any remaining balance paid to the scholar for living expenses.  

Application Process 

  • The closing date for receipt of applications is: Friday, February 2nd 2024
  • All applicants will be required to supply a personal statement as part of the application process as well as the appropriate
  • Supporting evidence that they meet the socio-economically disadvantaged threshold of family income of less than €50,000. 
  • Shortlisted applicants will be called for interview and reviewed by a panel. Applicants invited for interview will be required to be available, in-person on Friday February 9th

The Hygeia Scholarship application form is available here.  

Terms and Conditions:  

  1. A scholarship may be awarded for a maximum of four consecutive years.
  2. The Scholarship Panel will consider the application form and supporting documentation to determine who will be awarded a scholarship. Evaluation of applications will be on the basis of financial need, academic achievement, demonstration of impact on studies, future career potential and personal circumstances. The scholarship panel's decision is final. 
  3. Students will not be entitled to receive this scholarship in conjunction with any other bursary, scholarship or award of similar description. 
  4. Any offer of a Scholarship is dependent upon information being truthful and accurate and upon the applicant fulfilling all of the conditions of the Scholarship. The right to withdraw an offer is maintained in the event of any error or omission whatsoever in the information provided by or on behalf of the Applicant. The Applicant will be given 14 days' notice in writing that the offer is being withdrawn.
  5. Scholarships will only be awarded to Applicants who have been formally offered a place on a designated course by University of Galway. 
  6. Detailed feedback is not available in the case of an unsuccessful application.
  7. Each Scholarship is for the named person on the application only.
  8. Scholarship will be paid in connection with fees and the balance paid to the scholar for living expenses. 
  9. The Scholarship will be renewed each year subject to the scholar being in good academic standing. Scholars will be expected to adhere to the regulations of the Institution and to undergo every term examination or any other examination determined by the authorities of their Institution for their course.
  10. The Scholar must commence his or her programme of study during the academic year of 2023/24. The Scholar must successfully complete their programme of study within the standard time-frame. The duration of the Scholarship will be clearly stated upon confirmation of award and will not be extendable to cover any deferred or repeated year.
  11. The scholars will be expected to attend a quarterly meeting with the CEO of Hygeia or their deputy. 
  12. Hygeia will offer the scholar a one year paid internship on completion of their studies. Any placements will be conducted in line with applicable School of business policy and with Hygeia terms and conditions
  13. Hygeia will offer the Scholars the opportunity of a paid summer work placement during the course of their studies.
  14. If a scholarship holder withdraws from the programme for which s/he has registered or fails to continue throughout the year to meet the attendance and other requirements for the programme, including examination entry, s/he may be required to repay to the University the whole or part of the bursary in which case the University shall, in consultation with and subject to the agreement of the Donor, determine an alternative application for the refunded funds, consistent with the wishes of the Donor and informed by its original purpose.
  15. The Scholar will be expected to attend a Scholarship Awards Ceremony to be formally presented with the award. 
  16. The Scholar will be expected to take part in the promotion of this scholarship and may be asked for a photograph and personal statement for use in promotional material and impact reporting. The Scholar's contact details (email address, phone number and postal address) will be retained by University of Galway for the purpose of administering the Scholarship only.
  17. The Scholar will agree to allow the Institution to share certain data (name, course, student ID number, institution, etc.) with other parties within the Institution as required with the scholar's express permission.
  18. All scholarship recipients must adhere to the University of Galway student Code of Conduct.
  19. University of Galway, in consultation with the supporter, reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions on notice to the scholars where necessary