Nalin Alpaydın

Nalin on Valentia Island, Co. Kerry

From the Middle East Technical University, Turkey
Studied Philosophy at University of Galway, January - May, 2019

"Galway was a city of amazing people for me. By that I mean people who try to have an alternative way of living, people who care about their nature, their well-being and their species. My first month was a bit difficult in terms of getting into the social life of Galway because I was stuck in my head trying to have an “objective” way of looking to the locals. However, once I got through that point and tried to be a local myself, it became a truly amazing experience. People were so nice to me. Galway’s scenery was giving me its best moments. Salthill promenade was absolutely mesmerizing. All the seagulls, little flicky-taily birds, that amazing cat I was running into when I went to sit on the rocks, walking on the beach when it was low tide. 
"University of Galway has a beautiful campus, great clubs and societies and amazing philosophy lecturers. I was not a very great student during my time there because I was busy living Galway life ;-) yet I know they are very knowledgeable from their answers to my few questions.
"I loved every second of my experience. Ireland is such a beautiful country; such lovely people are living there."

Denise Bartoletti

From the Università degli Studi di Genova
Studied in the College of Arts, University of Galway, 2018/19

"I chose Galway because I had already been there a few years before, and I had really enjoyed my time there.
University of Galway is really well organized, all the teachers were professional and kind, the lectures were interesting and Irish people in general are really kind.
I think societies were one of the best things there, so different from Italy.  There, societies do not exist.  The campus is clean and beautiful; it is perfect if you need to take a break and have some fresh air between a class and the following one!  This photograph was taken at the end of my Erasmus and I was in Salthill, one of my favourite places in Galway - near to my house and perfect to take long walks, but also to rest on the beach.
It has been a beautiful experience, and I am so glad I had the chance to be a part of it!"

Sabrina Benallal

Sabrina and one of the Doors of Dublin

From the Université de Toulon
Studied English at University of Galway, 2018/19

"I wished to improve my English skills as I was studying languages back in France. I had never been to Ireland before, and I wished to discover this country. It was an incredible experience; I met many people of different nationalities, and I made great friends with whom I was able to share this experience! I thought the city of Galway was beautiful. It is a lively city with its numerous pubs, and artists in the streets.  I also visited Dublin among other places. The university itself is quite huge compared to my home university. I was able to speak English on a daily basis, and this experience allowed me to become more independent. In September, I will be going back to University of Galway for a master’s degree in conference interpreting."

Coralie Blanchard

Coralie on Inis Mór (Aran Islands)

From the Université de Tours
Studied Drama, English and History at University of Galway, 2018/19

"I never thought that I’d end up in Ireland but for sure it was the best things that happened in my life. I chose University of Galway mostly because I’m studying Drama and English and this university offers a lot of different classes for Erasmus students that allowed me to discover a bunch of new things. Galway is a very cosmopolitan city where a lot of events take place during the year and where you feel (almost) like at home. You can find a lot of activities to do (at University of Galway you’ve got a lot of societies) and you can easily go out of the city to discover the wild landscape of Ireland including the Connemara National Park and the Aran Islands. I spent almost one year at University of Galway and I gained a lot of knowledge about Ireland and made real Irish friends."

Rachele Mazzini

Rachele at the Cliffs of Moher

From the Università degli Studi di Padova
Studied Psychology at University of Galway, 2018/19

"Galway was one of the best choices I've ever made in my whole life. The main reason I came here was to improve my English skills and to discover a new country and culture. I spent two semesters in Galway and now I can truly say it became my second home. Ireland is just stunning and Irish people are so warm, welcoming and kind. Moreover, university life is great! I joined some clubs and societies and I really felt involved and part of a community. I met a bunch a wonderful individuals along the way who eventually became my closest friends. You would never get bored in Galway, there are so many pubs and cafés you can go to have the best craic and meet new people. I made beautiful memories and, as the old proverb says ... 'once a Galway girl, forever a Galway girl!' "

Clément Dupire

Clément in Eyre Square, Galway

From the Université Lille 2, France
Studied Accounting & Finance at University of Galway, January – May 2019

"I loved my stay in Galway, but also my studies at University of Galway. I chose Galway as I thought it was a typical Irish small city where I could find the real Irish atmosphere and it is what I found.
"University of Galway offered a lot of different courses, all very interesting. Professors were all very nice with Erasmus students and they offered us extra help if needed.
"I met a lot of students from all around the world during my stay in Galway, and even made friends with other French people. The only thing that I regret is not having made friends with Irish students as they stay most of the time all together and even on the weekends most of them go back home, therefore it is pretty difficult to make Irish friends.
"I'd recommend any of my friends to go to Galway, to study there or just to visit as I love this city and as I have so many good memories of it. I wish I could have spent a year in Galway. I'll for sure come back soon. "

Paul Gourgues

From the Université de Bordeaux
Studied Law at University of Galway, January - May, 2019

"Spending a semester in Galway was the best experience of my life. I liked everything: the university, the landscapes, the people and even the food at times. I will never forget the people I met there and all the precious moments I shared, all the afternoons spent in the city or the weekends organised all over Ireland. I would particularly like to greet the people of Galway who are really warm and who make us feel at home very quickly."

Clémence Long

Clémence on the Salthill Promenade in Galway


From the Université Grenoble Alpes in France
Studied Biology at University of Galway, 2018-19

"I never doubted that being abroad would be a truly amazing experience, but I did not expect it to be so rewarding. This is the best opportunity to become more autonomous, more open-minded and to learn so many things. I felt in love with Galway and the university; the people are really welcoming and the landscapes in Ireland are breath-taking. I am so thankful for this year, for everything I have learned and for all the friends I now have all over the world!"