Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I come to University of Galway as an Erasmus student?

My university doesn’t have a link with University of Galway in the area of my studies. Is it possible to set up a bilateral agreement so that I can spend an Erasmus period at your university?

Do you accept Free Movers?

Is there another way for me to study at University of Galway?

How do I apply as an Erasmus student?

Do I need to send any other documents (transcripts, CV, etc) with my application form?

Can I e-mail or fax you my form?

What is the deadline for applications?

How will I know you have received my application?

Do you have specific English-language requirements?

Do I apply for housing along with my Erasmus admission application?

I’m a non-EU national – do I need a visa to study in Ireland?

May I select any courses I like, or are there restrictions on the courses that may be taken by Erasmus students?

Where can I get information about a course?

Who is my Erasmus academic coordinator at NUI Galway?

How many credits should I take?

Will there be English classes for Erasmus students?

Can I earn ECTS credits by taking these English classes?

Can I take courses in an area outside of the bilateral agreement, from a different College?

Can I change my Learning Agreement at the beginning of the Semester?

When do I need to arrive in Galway?

I won’t be able to be in Galway for the beginning of term – is this a problem?

Where can I find the semester dates?

How will I register as a student at University of Galway?

What is a CAO number (while applying for housing)?

Can I work while studying at University of Galway as an Erasmus student?

Is this possible to extend my study period?

May I use a dictionary during my examinations?

What should I do at the end of my stay at University of Galway - is there paperwork I must complete?

How will I get my examination results?

Can I repeat an exam?