Community Activities

University of Galway is committed to playing a vital role in the local community. Our community activities are diverse and involve the entire university across the staff and student body.

Community & Volunteering Fair

The annual gathering at the Bailey Allen Hall in September is a showcase of Galway's community and voluntary sector as well as national and international organisations.

ALIVE Student Volunteering Programme

ALIVE co-ordinates and develops student volunteering, and puts local charities and community groups in touch with University of Galway students. Over 1,000 students and staff volunteer with over 120 organisations, charities and schools.


Volunteering at NUI Galway

Find out more about ALIVE - NUI Galway's community volunteering programme

Educational Outreach

The Access Programme activities are devised to advance the social, economic, educational and cultural needs of the Western region.

  • Schools Programme: Access operates programmes in primary and secondary schools in Galway city to sensitise the students to third level education and to create positive experiences through various interactions with the student and the university. 
  • Third Level Education Opportunities: Access provides third level education for students who are unable to access it because of financial or social reasons.  We effectively target the most disadvantaged in the region.  We work with all schools to offer preparation for entry into our University, while remaining sensitive to the rural and Gaeltacht communities. 

Find out more about our Access Schools Programme

Science and Engineering Outreach

We have an international reputation for excellence in research, and make meaningful contributions regionally and internationally. Our network of dedicated science and engineering outreach programmes promote science and research at NUI Galway and offer education programmes.  Programmes are offered throughout the region via schools, public exhibitions and festivals by  Outreach officers at the:

  • Environmental Change Institute (ECI)
  • Regenerative Medicine Institute (REMEDI)
  • National Centre for Biomedical Engineering Science (NCBES)
  • Centre for Data Analytics (Insight)
  • Applied Optics Research Group (AO)

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Computers for the Community

NUI Galway clears, updates and donates hundreds of computers and office equipment to over 60 schools, organisations and charities locally and internationally.

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Youth Academy

The Youth Academy at NUI Galway works with 4th, 5th and 6th class high ability primary school students to support their learning and development. Students from across the West of Ireland attend specially designed courses at NUI Galway on Saturday mornings. The courses on offer are outside of the primary school curriculum which allows students to explore different areas of study in a fun and interactive way