Marketing Offers an Exciting, Challenging, and Rewarding Career

Every Organisation Needs Marketing

Marketing is essential for all organisations, large and small, in all sectors of the economy and society.

Marketing career options are many and diverse.  Although many of us see Marketing as a critical task for profit-making companies such as branded consumer products and services, Marketing stands as a core activity in just about every industry , organisation, both public and private, such as government agencies, TV and Radio, Theatre, Music, the Arts, Banking and Finance, Healthcare, Universities as well as Non-Profit Organisations, i.e charities and social causes.

Marketing is Multi-Faceted

Many of us associate Marketing with only selling and advertising. Marketing offers great career opportunities in areas such as:

  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • Product Development and Management
  • Consumer Behaviour and Research Analytics
  • Advertising and Communications Planning
  • Creativity and Design Media
  • International Marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Social Media Strategy
  • Strategic Market Planning in Companies
  •  Advertising Communications, Event Planning 
  • Public Relations and Media
  • Brand Management
  • Digital and Social Media
  • International Marketing
  • Non-for-Profit and Social Marketing
  • Green and Sustainability Marketing for Organisations.
Marketing is also about People and Networking

Marketing is people-oriented and is about building relationships locally, nationally and internationally. Our graduates are well prepared to work in a huge variety of roles in organisations, large and small and equipped employment in the private, public or not-for-profit sector; either working for others, with others, or as an entrepreneur or consultant.

Study Marketing at NUI Galway  

Marketing at NUI Galway offers high-quality education with national and international reputable academics. We provide programmes to suit the career paths of both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Major of Minor in your B.Comm.?

Marketing at NUI Galway is available either as a major subject in the B.Comm. or as a minor subject to complement other degree courses.

As a major or a minor in your B.Comm. degree, an education in Marketing is so important for your career. Our Marketing subjects at NUI Galway will provide you with the theory and practice required to start your career, whether you wish to specialise in Marketing for a career or use it for developing your career in any area of the business profession.  Our programmes provide skills to develop your presentation, leadership, and teamwork skills, building your confidence and interpersonal skills.

A minor in Marketing Management, or even just a few Marketing modules, can complement any other major in your B.Comm. degree.  It will enable you to follow your goals in other areas and we encourage you to consider including Marketing modules in your degree so that when completed, you will have all the business knowledge and tools you require to prepare you for the workplace.

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