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‌‌J.E. Cairnes School of Business and Economics at University of Galway is committed to attracting high calibre students from around the world. We are offering Merit Scholarships across all of our Taught Master's programmes. To be eligible candidates must have achieved a H1 (or international equivalent) in their primary degree and scholarships are offered on a competitive basis. Scholarships are awarded up to 50% of the programme tuition fees.

Please note that to be considered for this merit-based scholarship applicants must have accepted their offer on their chosen programme by paying the deposit. 

Closing Dates:

  • Non-EU Applicants (except MSc International Accounting and Analytics - Pathway B): All candidates who accept their offer and have paid their deposit by April 30th, 2024, will be considered. 
  • EU Applicants: All candidates who accept their offer and have paid their deposit by July 1st, 2024, will be automatically considered.
  • MSc International Accounting and Analytics - Pathway B - All candidates who accept their offer and pay their deposit by October 31st, 2024, will automatically be considered. 

Business Scholarship Terms and Conditions 2024

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University of Galway has generous scholarships valued at €1,500 for EU students* applying for full-time taught master's postgraduate courses. You will be eligible if you have been accepted to a full-time taught master's course at University of Galway, and have attained a first class honours (or equivalent) in a Level 8 primary degree. Full criteria here (for entry 2024). Scholarship application system, for entry to programmes in September 2024, is now open: apply here. (Closing date for applications is 31 August 2024.)

*Non-EU students, please check international postgraduate scholarships you may be eligible for here.

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What our Scholars Say



The Master of Accounting degree at University of Galway will be incredibly valuable to my future career. The course gave me the opportunity to develop various skills such as research and writing skills from attempting various assignments. As well as this a second-semester module “Skills for Accounting Research and Practice,” gives students the opportunity to review case studies which I am sure will be of an advantage to me when sitting my FAE’S. The module also gets students to work through various excel problems. This has allowed me to gain some hands-on excel experience as well as improving my IT skills. The improvements I have made in these various skills, through doing the master's program, I have no doubt will benefit me going forward in my future career! The course is taught by a number of brilliant lecturers who have vast amounts of experience in their fields. Each lecturer puts so much time and effort into the preparation and delivery of each module. They provide you with some brilliant real-life examples, drawing on their own experience, making it very easy to understand and apply the content.

Alonso Ruiz Velasco Angeles |   MSc in Business Analytics Scholar 2021-22

Studying a postgraduate degree at NUI Galway has been the best professional decision I have ever made. The MSc in Business Analytics allowed me to gain technical skills with a business focus. Applying to the programme and then for a scholarship was extremely easy, and people within the admissions department were always available and very helpful. Having the Business Non-EU Merit Postgraduate scholarship was an extra boost of motivation to get my master's degree. Networking is essential for your career, and NUI Galway offers plenty of opportunities to grow your network. The programme covers the most relevant topics in the Analytics field nowadays. Lecturers are well prepared and have relevant experience to share, with Analytics being a trendy field that is hard to achieve as topics get updated very frequently. Whether you have experience in Analytics or starting in the field, this programme will suit your needs and expand your knowledge in line with the market needs. Not to mention the opportunity to live in a great city like Galway, with the friendliest people and next to the sea.

John Flood |   Master of Accounting Scholar

The Master of Accounting at University of Galway has facilitated a seamless transition into the accounting workplace, particularly after obtaining the CAP 2 exemptions for the professional exams. The course is very much centred around skills such as group work, presentations, debates etc. based on relevant real-world problems, as well as having an emphasis on the technical and academic skills which are equally structured well. Having availed of an entire module dedicated to accounting analytical skills as well as an optional 2-week data and analytics summer school run by KPMG, I was very well equipped on the highly demanded skills that employers desire. There are also valuable workshops conducted in semester 2 which offered great insight and preparation for the FAE professional exams. Given the small class size, the lecturers are all so approachable and understanding and go above and beyond for their class. It was also a pleasure to study alongside my equally ambitious and hardworking classmates, where there’s a real sense of solidarity and strong commitment to work competently. Galway is an extremely friendly, diverse city with excellent facilities and a vibrant nightlife scene!

Marlene Schlierf |   MSc in Marketing Management Scholar

Studying MSc in Marketing Management at University of Galway was one of the best decisions I made so far. The programme provides you with a deep understanding of marketing processes and trends in the context of a dynamic, globalized, business environment. The quality of the teaching is exceptional. By completing various group assignments in different, exciting subjects, I was able to broaden my horizon. I would recommend MSc in Marketing Management to anybody who is interested in marketing and wants to strengthen their marketing knowledge.

William Fouéré |   MSc International Management Scholar

Having been born in Ireland yet spending most of my third level education abroad, I was very keen to come back to Galway to finish my studies. I spent much time deciding exactly what Masters I would do and finally chose International Management. With globalisation becoming mainstream, International Management aligned perfectly with my aspirations to work internationally. Its modules were diverse enough to cover multiple aspects of management including HR, finance and management. The mix of theory heavy and applied modules made the course more interesting allowing me to gain valuable insights into the business world and make some amazing contacts for the future. The aspect of my Masters that I will take away with me is the people I met during the course, the lecturers and course director along with my fellow students. Although the class comprised of many different nationalities there was a sense of pure friendship between each individual where everyone helped each other. Overall, I believe this Masters has been a wonderful and enlightening experience that has prepared me for my future career in management.

George Matthew Mohan |   MSc International Accounting Scholarship Recipient

I found the MSc International Accounting and Analytics at University of Galway quite unique as it’s different from a typical accounting course. The subjects in this course are diverse and future oriented. This course focuses on relevant topics as well as technical knowledge. The modules are well structured and are delivered by excellent faculty. The lecturers are open and friendly and always willing to help with any questions. The course also assists in obtaining exemptions from professional accounting programmes such as ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) and CPA (Certified Public Accountant) Ireland. Apart from academics, the University offers opportunities to get involved in various activities. There is a wide range of clubs and societies that you can be a member of. Overall, this course aids in my career and personal development. I am grateful to University of Galway and the School of Business & Economics for awarding me with the Business Postgraduate Merit Scholarship, which allowed me to pursue this course.

Dana Marshall |   MSc (Digital Marketing) Scholar

Receiving the EU Business Merit Postgraduate Scholarship has meant that I have been able to continue my studies in an area that I am extremely passionate about. I was delighted to be accepted into the MSc Digital Marketing program in the J.E Cairnes School of Business. This program immerses you in industry, builds confidence and brings marketing theory to life. The MSc Digital Marketing course unpacks the fundamentals of marketing with a strategic and tactical approach. You really delve deep into marketing concepts while having the opportunity to bring them to life through projects with real-world companies like Work Compass and The Eden Project. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Digital Marketing.

Michelle Fitzgerald |   MSc Information Systems Management Scholar

The MSc in Information Systems Management not only offers the technical skills required to work in a professional capacity, but it also offers soft skills such as decision making, analysis and communication which are highly sought after in industry. The major project encapsulates everything learned throughout the year and offers students a great opportunity to witness and solve a real-world business problem. I am extremely grateful to receive Business Merit Postgraduate Scholarship. This scholarship provided me with an opportunity to focus on my studies by alleviating some of the financial burden. In the current era of digital transformation where business outcomes are so often influenced by how quickly a company can reduce their time to value on their Information Systems investments, there is a need for the involvement of competent and knowledgeable professionals. In this scenario, I believe there is an abundance of opportunities for individuals equipped with the skills taught in the MSc Information Systems Management.

Hiral Mehta |   MSc in Corporate Finance Scholar

The MSc in Corporate Finance at University of Galway provides a perfect combination of technical and practical knowledge. It provided multiple opportunities for career development since, along with the knowledge of the core modules, one also has an option for a 12-week work placement, the USP of this course. The course modules cover all the accounting and financial aspects opening doors to choose from as a career objective. Moreover, the curriculum also offers global exposure providing exemptions from ACCA which is globally recognised. The programme size is small with a mix of national and international students in the class giving an opportunity to bond with our classmates and make good connections. University of Galway is one of the best universities in Ireland and its ranking and reputation is exceedingly impressive. It has been my privilege to be graduate of this institution. The teaching faculty of the programme is very professional, friendly and easily approachable. The transition from applying to the course, getting accepted, being a scholarship recipient to arriving in Galway to attending in-person classes in the middle of the pandemic was very smooth.

Eileen Cullen |   MSc in Business Analytics Scholar

The MSc in business analytics course has provided me with the ideal foundation to explore careers in which I can blend my existing technical knowledge with more applied business and analytical expertise. The content covered in all the modules, particularly the programming and analytical modules, is tailored from a basic level, which is beneficial for individuals who have no technical background. Throughout the course there is a strong focus on how we can apply technological abilities to address business challenges and produce insights for businesses. In relation to the Business Merit Scholarship, in which I am extremely grateful to have been awarded, the process for applying was very straightforward. Throughout the whole application process for the course itself and the scholarship, the personnel within the College of Business were always there to answer any questions I had regarding the application.

Emma Cummins |   Master of Accouting Scholar

On completing a level eight Bachelors of Commerce (Accounting) degree in NUIG, I decided to apply for a place in the Master of Accounting programme. Upon securing a place, I applied for a scholarship having met the eligible criteria of achieving a H1. The scholarship process was straightforward which involved filling out a form and writing a short personal statement. The scholarship helped partly finance my studies. The masters cover a range of modules including tax, audit, financial reporting and finance. On completing the masters CAP2 exemptions will apply. The skills for accounting module provide an insight on case studies in the FAEs which will be beneficial in the near future.

Amal Nada |   Audit Trainee at Grant Thornton

I was very lucky to be accepted MSc Corporate Finance, J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics, University of Galway. The MSc Corporate finance is very exciting me because it provides practical insight to what is happening in the real world! Personally, I need such practical study because all my previous experience is academic. But after participating in this course, I feel that I can touch the application of theory in the industry world. Moreover, it is very nice when you find a continuous support from your instructors who are interested to arrange guest speakers' sessions to encourage us to participate and to keep us deeply understanding what is happening in the real world. Also, I am very happy with our weekly over coffee meeting with our program coordinator, in which we can discuss any concerns and listen to guest speakers from different disciplines, as well. A remarkable advantage that deserves to be mentioned is, at the end of this programme, there will be a work placement opportunity which will qualify you to be a part of the industry afterwards. Trust me, this programme is inclusive, you can learn so many things by doing.

Mark Towey |   MSc Business Analytics Scholar

The MSc in Business Analytics at University of Galway gave me the ideal platform to start my career in analytics. Coming from a non-IT background I was nervous about the technical aspects of this course but I received excellent tuition and all staff and students on the course were extremely helpful and friendly. Learning programming languages such as Python, R and C# became my favourite modules of this course. There was a real emphasis on how we can use these technical skills to solve business problems and develop insights that businesses can act upon. The major project was a great experience in how to deal with a real-world business problem. We combined everything we had learned throughout the course to complete this project and I learned a lot from it. On reflection of the last year, it was a fantastic experience and I would encourage anyone to apply for this course as you gain a well-rounded education of all facets of business analytics. I am confident that I now have the technological skills and business knowledge needed to use and manage big data and business analytics in a modern organisation.

Ellen Grant |   Master of Accounting Scholar

I would absolutely recommend studying the Master of Accounting programme at University of Galway. The programme is based on the CAP2 syllabus and provides a wide range of exemptions. The coursework is very much aligned to equip students with the skills they will need for their future careers with a specific emphasis on group work and an entire module dedicated to practical skills in Semester 2. This year has been a completely different experience due to the move to virtual learning. However, the lecturers and coordinators have done absolutely everything to facilitate a seamless transition. The teaching staff have been nothing but supportive and have created an open and safe environment for student contributions and feedback. The small class size also means there is a real opportunity to get to know almost everyone, which is something you don’t necessarily get with every course. Finally, it must be said that Galway city is an amazing location to study from. The weather may be unpredictable at times however, it more than makes up for it on the good days.

Jack Byrne |   Graduate Economist ComReg

I was delighted to receive the Business postgraduate scholarship to study a Masters in Global Environmental Economics. I came home from New Zealand at the height of the pandemic in 2020, and it was great to have the opportunity to get a world-class education at my hometown university. I had studied Law and Accounting in the University of Limerick for my undergraduate degree, then travelled and worked in South America, Australia and New Zealand for a few years. 2020 was a year of change for everyone so I chose to pursue a new direction in my career. I've really enjoyed the Msc in Global Environmental Economics so far. Our lecturers have done a great job in adapting to the online environment and the modules we have taken are very interesting. My favourites so far were Climate Change Economics and Econometrics, it's great to get an in-depth knowledge of what humanity needs to do to meet the challenges of climate change. The scholarships provided are a great help as a student as it eases some of the financial burden of making the decision to study a Masters. 

Aisling Sealy Phelan |   Researcher PHD Student

I have always had a keen interest in the Environment and tackling climate change and this, alongside my interest in economics is what led me to choose to study the MSc in Global Environmental Economics, and I couldn’t be happier. I was also very interested by the placement opportunities offered, and I hope to complete my placement later this year. I find the course has a great mix of subjects, both quantitative, theoretical, and practical, all with a focus on the economic issues of climate change and the potential solutions. It is a really interesting and extremely relevant course and I have thoroughly enjoyed my first semester albeit online. The lecturers have really adapted well to online delivery and although it is not the same as in person, they have provided great support throughout. I think the material covered in this course has been well thought out and planned, and I have learned so much over the last few months. Galway is an amazing city, full of friendly faces, culture, and craic - I could not recommend it more to any potential students. I think the course is a perfect balance between the interrelated issues of policy, economics, and the natural environment.

Faheem Azhar |   MSc Business Analytics Scholar

My goal as a Business Analyst is to help guide businesses in improving the processes and services with the help of IT tools and data analysis.  As I belong to a middle-class family, it was nearly impossible for me to manage the huge cost of my study abroad. I am extremely grateful for the Merit Base Scholarship opportunity provided by University of Galway. Their overall process to apply for the scholarship was straightforward forward and the Business department was always there to answer my questions regarding that.  The teachers and the students are very cooperative. The content covered in the courses especially the programming and analytics-related courses is tailored from a basic level, which is very handy for someone like me who came purely from a business background.

Aoife Bell |   MSc Digital Marketing Scholar

I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is passionate about the digital aspect of marketing as you gain valuable knowledge into topical areas of interest for future employers such as marketing analytics, social media marketing, content creation and digital sales management, to name a few. The course fully immerses you in the Digital Marketing world, where you are given the opportunity to attend captivating talks from industry experts and attain valuable certifications from accredited marketing organisations such as HubSpot. The course was well-balanced between learning important theory and practising what we learned through interactive class discussions, group projects, presentations and pitches. I can confidently say that I am a well-rounded marketer and prepared to bring these valuable lessons and skills learnt from this course into the real world of marketing!

Shyam Panchal |   Senior Consultant- Digital Business Analyst

The MSc ISM (Information Systems Management) gives you a complete blend of sociotechnical subjects that is ideal for enhancing your innovative thinking, critical analysis, and decision-making skills. Professionally designed modules are well balanced, and their contemporary structure leads to the industry's growing expectations. Modules such as Interactive Systems Design, Project Management, and Applied System Analysis are imperative to demonstrate your IS skills. While pursuing my course, I got a chance to get an opportunity as a Teaching Assistant in one of the computer science programs, which helped me delivering the learned practical insights. I would thoroughly recommend this course to one who would like to expand their horizons in people and technology

Conor Flynn |   EY Turnaround and Restructuring Analyst

I chose the MSc Corporate Finance Program as it offers students the opportunity to develop their technical and analytical skills that are now so often sought by employers. In my experience lecturers were engaging, patient and understanding of student’s individual circumstances. As students come from a variety of backgrounds requiring no previous knowledge of module content, lecturers provide clear concise learning material in addition to extra resources across a variety of platforms including videos, websites, readings and podcasts. In my opinion, student diversity within the program is advantageous particularly in group discussion and/or projects as students draw upon different real-world experiences. The analytical elements of the degree are provided in conjunction with international institutions such as SAP allowing students to increase their employability prospects in the current competitive labour market. Finally, alignment with professional accountancy bodies mean the degree is well suited to students seeking to pursue a career in accountancy or professional services.

KOMAL Goel |   International Accounting & Analytics Scholar

In the course of my professional journey, I realized that data analytics played a pivotal role in offering stronger assurance, providing business insights, and adding value. This realization grew into a robust desire to explore data analytics skills in the field of accounting. Further research helped me understand that there is no better master’s program that aligns with my interest and competencies than the MSc in International Accounting and Analytics (Pathway B) offered. This is a unique industry-oriented program, which provides a wonderful opportunity for existing International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) members like me to understand the nuances of data analytics, tailor made for accounting professionals. It is an honor to be chosen for the postgrad scholarship offered by J.E. Cairnes School of Business & Economics for the Jan’21 intake of this prestigious program. Being a first-generation graduate in my family and coming from a farming background, I cannot describe with enough words how this scholarship has immensely motivated me to give 100% of my focus and efforts on my education without worrying about my financial situation.

Mairead Long |   MSc Strategy, Innovation People Management Scholar

During my time working in a technical role, I had the opportunity to get involved in more business-oriented projects and developed an interest in innovation and business strategy. The MSc in Strategy, Innovation and People Management was a natural choice to allow me to further develop my areas of interest while also gaining proficiencies in human resources. The CIPD accreditation will stand to me in whatever path I choose. Despite the challenges we all faced studying during a pandemic, the lecturers made a marked effort to adapt to online delivery and made the course as accessible as possible for us. I was lucky enough to be with a cohort of supportive students who have provided that much needed interaction and camaraderie. I’ve had a very positive experience on this course, and I’m excited to see how I can apply it in my career going forward.

Emma Gillespie |   Mayo Local Enterprise Office Graduate Programme

As a student in the MSc Corporate Finance course I gained both the skills and confidence necessary for a rewarding future career. The smaller class size allowed us to develop and engage in all the elements, albeit in a virtual sense, due to Covid restrictions. The lecturers are patient, approachable and highly-skilled and additionally their agility in being able to deliver the course in the virtual environment has to be commended. The modules are both challenging and rewarding, with the ability to somewhat customize your modules to direct your learning to areas that you are interested in. The course itself is a mix of quantitative and qualitative modules. The analytics elements are delivered by world-leading providers like SAP and offer separate certification that is highly desirable to employers. The work placement element of the course offers real-world experience and an opportunity to transform learning into actions. It enables the creation and cultivation of a network of industry peers that will serve well in the future. It has been a wholly positive experience and I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in a career in the finance field.

Jason Rochford |   MSc Corporate Finance Scholar

"I cannot recommend the MSc in Corporate Finance or the faculty enough to prospective students, in what was an extremely challenging year to deliver educational content the staff consistently over-delivered. Despite the online learning environment, the course proved extremely interactive and engaging throughout the term, at a pace suitable for all backgrounds, combining both theoretical and practical perspectives. A big emphasis was placed on regular check-ins, one to one meetings and virtual coffees which showcased NUIG’s commitment to delivering high quality education no matter what the environment – physical or virtual which I found particularly valuable. Working in finance for 3 years prior, I felt the course provided a strong bedrock across key finance, asset management and accounting principles on which to further build on my career. The class comprised of a diverse set of backgrounds which truly enforced the global nature of the programme adding to the learning environment via team projects and discussion. The alignment of studies to professional exam bodies providing exemptions is also a super benefit."

Ellen Coleman |   Valuation, Modelling & Economics Analyst at EY

I would highly recommend the MSc in Corporate Finance to anyone looking to pursue career opportunities in this area. This masters programme focuses on developing both analytical and decision making skills through modules such as accounting, finance and portfolio management. The scholarship opportunities available at University of Galway for postgraduate taught courses are second to none and provide many students with financial support that can aid in many ways. As a recipient of the Business Postgraduate Merit Scholarship, I believe that this drove me to achieve top results in Semester 1 and gave me the confidence to take part in finance related competitions and events throughout the year. My experience so far on the MSc in Corporate Finance programme has been very positive and I would strongly recommend that anyone interested explores this fantastic opportunity.

Leanne Ming Yuet Tang |   MSc Business Analytics Scholar

I choose to pursuit a MSc in Business Analytics because I really enjoy what I learnt during my FY of BComm. In this course, I expanded my knowledge in advanced analytics that contribute to today’s AI driven society. With well-structured programme materials and lecturers’ enthusiasm, I really enjoy my learning. As a result, I would strongly recommend this course to potential newcomers who are interested in the technical field.

Sarah Gavin |   Master of Accounting Scholar

In completing the masters in accounting I can say that it successfully prepares you for the working world as a trainee accountant. The course has provided us with exemptions for the CAP 2 exams. As well as the academic modules, the course has given me the practical skills that is needed for completing the daily tasks in an accountant’s role. It has also provided us with excellent workshops to help us prepare for the FAE’s which I will have to sit to become a chartered accountant. The teaching staff at NUIG are incredibly supportive, they have also made themselves available to us if we have queries and questions about career paths and opportunities. We have also been given great opportunities to give our input into the structure of the course. Being awarded a scholarship from University of Galway has enabled me to focus solely on my academics and achieve the best results possible in my exams without financial worry.