2021 Publications

Accountancy & Finance

  • Farrell, M and Sweeney, B. (2021) 'Amazons MTurk: A currently underutilised resource for survey researchers?'. Accounting, Finance and Governance Review.
  • Martyn, P, Sweeney, B. and Lillis, A. (2021) Framing of results controls and management of tensions between multiple performance criteria Management Accounting as a Social and Organizational Practice.
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  • Conaty, F., Robbins, G. (2021) The role of service user advocacy in transforming management control systems, and accountability in disability service NPOs 13th EIASM WORKSHOP ON THE CHALLENGES OF MANAGING THE THIRD SECTOR
  • Crean, A (2021) Exploring the practical and institutional challenges of implementing Big Data Analytics in Auditing Irish Accounting and Finance Association Doctoral Colloquium Conference
  • Crean, A; Carroll, N (2021) 'Developing Information Systems for the Modern Accountancy Profession Editors: Dr Martin Quinn and Dr Erik Strauss Routledge Companion to Accounting Information Systems' In: The Routledge Companion to Accounting Information Systems. London and New York: Routledge.
  • Crean, A (2021) Exploring the practical and institutional challenges of implementing Big Data Analytics in Auditing European Accounting Association Annual Conference PhD Forum.
  • Caulfield, N; Barrett, M (2021) Lessons from the Cliff Edge: Online Learning for Large Class Undergraduate Students in Accounting  IAFA Conference and Doctoral Colloquium.
  • Farrell, M. and Sweeney, B.  (2021) Too Much of a Good Thing? Implications of Enabling Performance Measurement Systems for Business Function Ambidexterity.  Global  Management Accounting Research Symposium.
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  • Caulfield, N; Barrett, M (2021) Online Learning in Higher Education: A Literature Review of Pre and Post COVID-19 Research.  Irish Academy of Management Conference. 
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  • Kimberly, K., Healy, M. & Mulligan, E. (2021). Closing the cultural intelligence skills gap in accounting students: An action research approach to cross-cultural teamwork. The British Accounting Review.  https://doi.org/10.1016/j.bar.2021.101034
  • Bassey, E., & Mulligan, E. (2021)Ease of Doing Business: What role can a good tax system play? Annual Tax Research Network Conference, Aston University, September. 

  • Mulligan, E., Ojo, A., Ahmadi, S. & Walsh, G. (2021)Contextualising Digital Technology Adoption in Tax Administration. Annual Tax Research Network Conference, Aston University, September.  


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  • Doherty E;Hobbins A;Whitehurst DGT;O'Neill C; (2021) 'An Exploration on Attribute Non-attendance Using Discrete Choice Experiment Data from the Irish EQ-5D-5L National Valuation Study'. Pharmacoeconomics - Open.
  • E Henry, Cullinan J (2021) 'Mental Health Spillovers from Serious Family Illness: Doubly Robust Estimation Using EQ-5D-5L Population Normative Data'. Social Science & Medicine, in press.
  • Pheby D, Araja D, Berkis U, Brenna E, Cullinan J, de Korwin J-D, Gitto L, Hughes DA, Hunter RM, Trepel D, Wang-Steverding X (2021) 'A Literature Review of GP Knowledge and Understanding of ME/CFS: A Report from the Socioeconomics Working Group of the European Network on ME/CFS (EUROMENE)'. Medicina, 57 (7).

  • Finucane E, Biesty L, Murphy D, Cotter A, Molloy E, ODonnell, M Treweek S, Gillespie P, Campbell M,. Morrison J, Alvarez-Iglesias A, Gyte G, Devane D (2021) 'Feasibility study protocol of a pragmatic, randomised controlled pilot trial: membrane sweeping to prevent post-term pregnancythe MILO Study'. Trials.

  • Cullinan J, Flannery D, Harold J, Lyons S, Palcic D (2021) 'The Disconnected: Covid-19 and Disparities in Access to Quality Broadband for Higher Education Students'. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, .

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  • Byrne P, O'Donovan O, Smith S, Cullinan J (2021) 'A Qualitative Exploration of the Prescribing and Use of Statins in Asymptomatic People in Ireland: A Case of Medicalisation, Biomedicalisation and Pharmaceuticalisation'.  Health, 25 :630-648. 
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  • "The Partnering for UN SDG #17 paper presents a social marketing partnership model which can be used to support the UN and social marketing community's to scale up and accelerate change activities.
    Duane, S., Domegan, C. and Bunting, B. (2021), ""Partnering for UN SDG #17: a social marketing partnership model to scale up and accelerate change"", Journal of Social Marketing Read more >>

Business Information Systems

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Research Centres

At J.E Cairnes School of Business & Economics, our research strategy is to build on our well-established expertise in the advancement of business and management practice, while broadening our scope to develop new and existing areas of high impact research within the business and management canon. In doing so, we will become known for research that informs business practice and policy, both nationally and internationally, and which leads to School staff being regarded as global thought-leaders in their fields.

University of Galway Research Office

University of Galway Research Offic

University of Galway Research Office

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