John Concannon |   Director General - Global Ireland

A masters degree in Marketing at NUI Galway gave me an incredible advantage as I headed out into the competitive world of work. I had confidence in the depth of my knowledge and its application in a way that reflects the excellent teaching.

Dana Marshall |   Marketing Executive at JFC Group

Receiving the EU Business Merit Postgraduate Scholarship has meant that I have been able to continue my studies in an area that I am extremely passionate about. I was delighted to be accepted into the Msc Digital Marketing program in the J.E Cairnes School of Business. This program immerses you in industry, builds confidence and brings marketing theory to life. The MSc Digital Marketing course unpacks the fundamentals of marketing with a strategic and tactical approach. You really delve deep into marketing concepts while having the opportunity to bring them to life through projects with real-world companies like WorkCompass and The Eden Project. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in Digital Marketing.

Marlene Schlierf |   Brand Specialist at Amazon

Studying MSc in Marketing Management at NUI Galway was one of the best decisions I made so far. The programme provides you with a deep understanding of marketing processes and trends in the context of a dynamic and globalized business environment. The quality of the teaching is exceptional. By completing various group assignments in different, exciting subjects, I was able to broaden my horizon. I would recommend the MSc in Marketing Management to anybody who is interested in marketing and wants to strengthen their marketing knowledge.

Colm Egan |   API Territory Manager EMEA, SmartBear Software

This position is something that I would have hoped for two or three years down the road. The Programme prepared me for this challenging role and allowed me to develop myself as a person as well as advancing my knowledge. Without completing this Masters I would not be in the fantastic role that I am, and I highly recommend anyone who wants to get into the Sales and Marketing to pursue the course.

Sarah Dolan |   Senior Marketing & Communications Manager for Global Events,

The MSc in Marketing allowed me the opportunity to reach my full potential, helping me build the skills and knowledge necessary to become part of one of the largest software companies in the world. The masters gave me a distinct advantage over other candidates as a result of the scope of topics and projects we covered. I would recommend it to anyone who is passionate about marketing and would like to build a successful career in this field.

Paul Lally |   Stakeholder Relations, ESB Renewables

The Marketing masters degree I recently completed not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge but also the ability to apply, with confidence, the knowledge gained in any given industry

John Heavey |   Global Accounts Analyst, LinkedIn

The masters programme provided me with a strong theoretical understanding of marketing, which I have been able to apply to practical situations in the workplace. In my current role I support a Global Account Manager from a marketing, business operations and analytical perspective. I believe the masters gave me the knowledge and skills to do this


The MSc. Digital Marketing is an excellent programme, which combines both strategic and tactical modules taught by experts in their fields. This means that graduates are well-rounded marketers and with the highest standard of up-to-date knowledge of the latest digital trends and tactics

Emma Roche |   Marketing and Brand Executive at Irish Pride Fine Foods

I am absolutely LOVING my work placement as the experience that I’m gaining is incredible. It will be a massive selling point for me in any interview after my placement, as it is allowing me to apply my learnings in a real work environment. I have a huge amount of responsibility and have designed and implemented a number of different campaigns for new product launches and co-promotions e.g. The Irish Pride Bunsters & Calor BBQ Summer Promotion. I also enjoyed the workshops organised in Galway. They are always extremely interesting and beneficial to both myself and the company. One of my favourite aspects of the programme was the assignments we undertook. These are all designed to further enable us to add value to our organisations.

Jane Cullen |   Marketing Executive at MediaHQ

The MSc Marketing programme in NUI Galway contained all of the necessary elements to develop myself as a marketing professional. My favourite part of the programme was the placement. Throughout the year, I created and managed several projects for my host company. This experience allowed me to put theory into practice and coupled with lecturer feedback, provided the richest and most rewarding learning opportunities of the course. I would recommend it to anyone who really wants to drive their career in the right direction.

Darragh Broderick |   Inbound Marketing Specialist

I chose the MSc in Marketing Practice to fulfill my ambition of becoming an accomplished marketing professional. This course promised practical learning far superior to that of a classroom and it has absolutely delivered. I have developed relevant and differentiating marketing skills and acquired experiences which I am confident will serve me throughout my career.

Michaela Browne |   Marketing Executive - Burke Insurances Ltd

I was placed in Burke Insurances an insurance brokerage in Galway. My placement was a little different to others in that I worked for Burke Insurances Monday to Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday I worked for a group of 18 brokerages based all across Ireland part of the Source Broker Network. At first, this sounded a little daunting to me, that I would be essentially working for two different companies; however, looking back now I couldn’t imagine my placement any other way. I have learned so many new skills, I have developed old skills, I have practiced marketing and I have learned a lot about myself. Upon completion of this programme, I feel confident that I have developed the right skills I need in order to go out into the working world. I feel that I can bring what I learned from my placement into any company which I move to next. Read Michaela’s blog about the programme at:


I graduated in 2016 from NUIG's MSc International Marketing and Exporting. The expertise and advice from lecturers and the material covered helped prepare me for work with National and International employers such as Pat The Baker and Valeo Foods. It also allowed me to discover my interest in Internationalisation which led me to pursue a position with Enterprise Ireland.

Mónica Tuset Riotorto |   Sales Development Specialist at Matheworks

Having a language opens up many incredible employment opportunities, particularly in the areas of Sales & Marketing as many companies look to move into new markets. In this respect, I believe that this programme is ideal for international students, as it will allow them to capitalise on such opportunities and secure fantastic sales & marketing positions. This master really helped me get to where I am today!

Jennifer O' Leary |   ESB Innovation Marketing Assistant

I was absolutely thrilled when I was accepted onto the MS.c Marketing Practice programme. I can honestly say it has been one of the most rewarding and challenging years of my life. This masters is exactly what I wanted when finishing my undergrad – hands on experience, challenging and to learn as much as possible. I really enjoyed doing each assignment because you learn so much which each one. There is also a fantastic support system in NUIG. One of my highlights of the year was that I got the opportunity to interview many marketing professionals during my research and project manage events of over 100 people. Your assignments come to life in this masters, and there is no better feeling watching your work being implemented in the work place!! I feel this course has given me the best start on my marketing career and I am so thankful I was accepted!

Ryan Ludden |   Business Development Manager at App Design

I chose the MSc in Marketing Practice as I wanted to physically apply the learnings from my Bachelor of Commerce (Global) Degree to my working career and the course provided the perfect platform to do just that! I got the exciting opportunity to work within a tech start up environment where I helped to bring the Marketing and Sales knowledge I had learned to the forefront of the business, helping it to turn what was only a concept at the start of my placement into a viable product and business today. The level of satisfaction in being able to achieve such a feat is incredibly rewarding and has provided me with skills that can be applied within any company I work for in the future. The Masters in Marketing Practice provided me with the perfect stage to showcase what I could bring to the table for a company and the students within the course allowed for an incredibly collaborative environment that helped one another succeed and learn from each other to further develop our marketing skills.

Michelle Murray |   Buyer/Planner at Medtronic

The MSc (Marketing Practice) provides a mix of practical learning and theory. I was placed with one of my favourite health food brands and am lucky to say that I am currently working in my dream job! I have developed skills such as content marketing, social media, event organisation, market research and email marketing and the experience and skills gained will definitely stand to me for the future. For anyone considering this Masters, I couldn't recommend it enough as the mix of lectures, workshops and work placement is an excellent foundation to set your career on the right path!

Paul Lally |   Stakeholder Relations at ESB

The Marketing masters degree I recently completed not only provided me with a wealth of knowledge but also the ability to apply, with confidence, the knowledge gained in any given industry.
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Laura O'Dea |   Business Development Officer at Unity Credit Union Connect

I feel extremely privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to study the MSc (Marketing Practice) programme at NUI Galway. What I loved about the programme was the opportunities within it, such as the work placement, the opportunity to work in a new environment and to expand your business profile". I loved every minute of my work placement and gained so many new skills on a daily basis. The teaching and leadership at every stage of the course was exceptional.