What to Pack

Ireland has a temperate climate, which means it may by cooler and damper compared to your home country. Temperatures are relatively mild for most of the year and snowfall or freezing temperatures are comparatively rare compared to mainland Europe and North America. Galway has numerous shops and you should have no difficulty finding anything you need after you arrive. Students are advised to pack clothes that can be worn in layers, for example, thermal underwear, jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts and sweaters.

You may also wish to consider taking the following with you, bearing in mind your airline luggage allowance and what you can realistically carry:

  • light raincoat with a warm lining
  • ski jacket (for colder weather)
  • lightweight jacket or windbreaker (for warmer weather)
  • comfortable walking shoes or sneakers - Galway is a compact
  • city and students tend to walk most places rather than take a bus or drive
  • hiking boots (if you plan to hike in the Irish countryside)
  • pyjamas
  • jeans
  • shorts (one or two pairs) for warm weather
  • hat, scarf and gloves
  • bathing suit
  • underwear and socks (at least two weeks’ worth)
  • gym wear (Sweats)
  • musical instrument or specialist sports equipment

An umbrella and an electric blanket are highly recommended, and both can be purchased in Galway after you arrive. Sheets and towels can also be bought in Galway. It may be advisable to purchase electrical appliances in Ireland, as the electrical current here (240 volts) may differ to your home country. If you do take your own appliances, remember to take an adaptor with you or purchase one when you arrive in Ireland.