Computational Tools

In-House Software:


We have developed an in-house advanced software, BladeComp, to design wind and tidal turbine blades. This software has been used to design rotor blades for the 2 MW Orbital Marine Power floating tidal turbine device, which are currently being manufactured in Ireland (Galway) by ÉireComposites and will be tested in our facility in the coming months. In the worldwide context, this will put the MaREI Centre at NUI Galway at the forefront of design and testing of full-scale tidal turbine rotor blades, which is necessary to exploit the full potential of marine energy as a significant renewable resource.

More information about BladeComp.

Commercial Software:

The following is a list of commercially available computational tools that we also use: 

  •  ABAQUS,
  • ANSYS,

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