Next meeting(s)
Time and Date Micro-talks Cake
15.30, Wednesday 13 November Martin K. Graham E.
Previous meetings
11am, Monday 8 April Padraig Ó Catháin Qays S.
Day, Date Micro-talks Cake
11am, Friday 29 March Rachel Q. (Wallpaper Groups and Origami Tessellations) Niall M. (Pear, almond and chocolate tart)
11am, Wednesday, 6 March James C. (Graphs on surfaces) and Niall M. (Spectra of tridiagonal matrices). Cian O'B. (Cookies)
11am, Wednesday, 20 Feb Cian and Ray. Angela
11am, Tuesday, 12 Feb John B. (Geometry), and Rachel (Counting Covering Groups). Kirsten (Granola Bars).
11am, Wednesday, 6 Feb Angela (Combinatorics of Rational Generating Function) and Michael T. (Vertex Operator Algebras) Rachel (Cranberry and orange shortbread)
2pm, Wednesday, 30 Jan Tobias (Groups and Graphs) and Emil (Polynomial Algebras and Graphs) ***
11am, Wednesday, 23 Jan Ronan (Propelinear codes) and Goetz (Double Burnside rings) Graham (Welsh cakes).
3pm, Tuesday, 15 Jan. Graham (Homology and the univerise) and Niall (A new-ish preconditioning method for large-ish linear systems) Niall (Walnut and raisin cookies).

All meetings take place in the School of Maths Research Room (AdB-G022), ground floor of Aras de Brun. Everyone is welcome. The meetings feature (usually) two "micro-talks": short 5-10 minute presentations on some aspect of the current interests of the speaker. These are informal, and should be aimed to provoke conversation. Cake (or equivalent) will be provided, as will tea (bags) and coffee (pods). Bring your own mug.

For more information, contact Niall Madden. In particular tell Niall if you would like to talk at a meeting and/or provide cake.

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