What Our Students Say


Katie Gillian |   BSc in Sport Science, University of Limerick

I wanted to pursue a career in research, having come from a background in Sport Science I decided to do a MSc in Biomedical Science. I originally thought the transition would be difficult and although the course was challenging at times, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. The broad range of modules that were taught on the course meant the masters could be applied to many aspects of the biomedical science field from industry to research. The course exceeded my expectations, in that everything was taught clearly and there was a good balance between lectures and labs. I did not have much lab experience prior to the masters however when completed I had learn a variety of techniques from cell culture to PCR. I completed my thesis for the masters in the Department of Surgery in the Translational Research Facility researching Breast Cancer Lymphangiogenesis. After completing my thesis I was offered the opportunity to stay on with the group to do a PhD and I will be starting it in January 2016. Overall I would strongly recommend this course to anyone interested in pursuing a career in biomedical science industry or research.

Richard Bennett |   BSc in Chemistry, NUI Galway

The MSc. in Biomedical Science at NUI, Galway is a truly interdisciplinary course. Courses such as tissue engineering and molecular medicine gave me an insight into research that I had previously not seen. After finishing a BSc. in chemistry this course was perfect for me to gain further skills and act as a stepping stone in my career. The flexibility offered through the optional modules allows each student to cover the essential core modules while allowing for tailoring to each individual. Modules such as validation and scientific writing offered transferable skills that will be beneficial regardless of career path. The experience gained during these modules are very helpful whether continuing in industry or academia. In addition to the fantastic course structure, the contacts and friends made over the course of the year were invaluable. I consider myself privileged to have been part of the MSc. Biomedical Science group and I would recommend the course highly to prospective students.

Ivor Geoghegan |   BSc in Anatomy, NUI Galway

The MSc Biomedical Science course exceeded my expectations. It gave me a diverse grounding in many different subjects and allowed me to specialise in the area of Tissue Engineering with the modules “Tissue Engineering”, “Advanced Tissue Engineering”, and “Biomaterials”. The course was very well organised and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone with an interest in biology, physics, or engineering.

Shane Spellman |   Current Student (BSc in Sport Science)

The reason I chose the Biomedical Science course in the first place was due to my interest in the biological systems, disease and ultimately how cutting edge technology could significantly improve the outcome for countless patients globally. Initially my interest was sparked by the module titles and when I began the course I wasn’t disappointed as each module has given me a deep understanding of the basics, the more complex underpinnings of the subject and ultimately the research that is currently being carried out in the field to date

What Employers Say


John Kilmartin |   Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs in Medtronic, Galway

Mr John Kilmartin Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs in Medtronic (based in Galway) “We have had a number of visits from the MSc Biomedical Science programme here in Medtronic, all of the participants have been really engaged and we are delighted to give the students this opportunity. We are really pleased with the course content and calibre of the students.”

Samantha Swamy |   Graduate, MSc (Biomedical Science)

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The MSc in Biomedical Science course is not accredited by the Academy for Clinical Science and laboratory Medical Scientists (ACSML) or CORU.  As a result, graduates of the MSc are not eligible to be employed as Laboratory Medical Scientists in Hospital clinical diagnostics laboratories.  Graduates have however, secured Research Assistant positions in laboratories within Hospital clinical units.

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