Wenyong Jiang

Wenyong Jiang ME in Civil Engineering |   China

I was immediately impressed by the warm welcome and state-of-the-art facility on the first day. Not only an academic and modern study environment you can expect, the life in NUI Galway is as diverse as this city; vibrant clubs and society activities give me opportunities to try new things and go on great trips outside the classroom, and its unique geography location allows me to casually explore the raw wild beauty of the west Ireland.
John Masters:

John Masters: MSc Medical Physics |   USA

I was able to study with very diverse and knowledgeable experts while enjoying the vibrant life that Galway, Ireland, and Europe have to offer.
Joy Ann:

Joy Ann: BSc Computer Science |   Kenya

I visited the campus and I was just in love with the greenery and the amount of space there was. That really attracted me to Galway.
Yew Hwang Chee:

Yew Hwang Chee: BSc Biotechnology |   Malaysia

As an undergraduate student, I had always enjoyed the diversity of the campus. The staff and students are especially friendly and they really want the best for you.
Sitesh Mohanty

Sitesh Mohanty MApplSc Enterprise Systems |   India

The skills I learned have helped me access graduate employment. The university has a strong support system that helps students from all backgrounds unconditionally.
Menjgjao Wang

Menjgjao Wang MSc Data Analytics |   China

I completed my Master degree with NUI Galway two years ago. The program blends theory with practical experience and provides a strong focus on research ability. The skills I gained in NUI Galway landed me 5 job offers straight out of school.
Ananya Balaji:

Ananya Balaji: BE Biomedical Engineering |   Malaysia

I can attest that my experience here has opened multiple doors for me in the Med-Tech world and equipped me with valuable skills to proceed in my career.

Suruchi: MSc Data Analytics |   India

It’s a very warm and a very cosy culture in Galway. It’s a pleasant feeling. I was homesick when I was in Bangalore but I was never homesick here.
Xiao Pan

Xiao Pan BE in Civil Engineering |   China

I value my study and living experience at NUI Galway as one of the best in my life. It helped build up my understanding of structural engineering basics through course learning, and bridge my knowledge gap in design and construction between China and Europe, through a 5-month internship program. NUI Galway granted me an ideal English language environment where I got a chance to significantly advance my English skills by collaborating in the various course projects with international students that come from different countries.