Third CSE EDI Seminar: SALI Professor - (1) Research achievements and challenges (2) Initiatives undertaken and ongoing

Professor Laoise McNamara
Jan 22 2021 Posted: 18:27 GMT
The third CSE EDI Seminar will take place on January 20th from 11am-12pm Join Microsoft Teams Meeting
Professor Laoise McNamara is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering and Vice Dean for Research and Innovation in the College of Science and Engineering at NUI Galway. She leads the Mechanobiology and Medical Device Research group (, who work at the interface between engineering and biology to study bone disease. Her research has been awarded prestigious European Research Council, Science Foundation Ireland and Irish Research Council Awards. Her group have published widely and have been awarded numerous awards. Laoise was awarded the Irish Research Council “Researcher of the Year” award in 2019. She collaborates with industry applying her expertise for pre-clinical assessment of medical devices. She is a member of the Executive board for the SFI funded Centre for Research in Medical Devices (CURAM). She was the Vice Dean for Recruitment and Internationalisation in the former College of Engineering and Informatics (2017-2020).
In this seminar Laoise will reflect on the enablers of her research achievements and the challenges she encountered along the way. She will also reflect on her experience of Leadership, particularly on the importance of mentoring and building teams with different perspectives. She will discuss projects she has undertaken to improve gender diversity in Engineering and her ongoing work as Vice Dean for Research and Innovation.

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