NUIG Researcher Visits Inspirefest2019
May 22 2019 Posted: 09:51 IST

Adeleh Mohammadi, a PhD student in Civil Engineering in NUI Galway visited Inspirefest2019 in Dublin with support from the College of Engineering & Informatics EDI team. Adeleh summarises her time there below:

An event where I could meet world-wide successful entrepreneurs, trainers, young scientists, journalists, bankers and An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar at the same place! Inspirefest 2019 in Dublin opened my eyes about the role of technology in businesses, and how diversity and inclusion fits in this context. I learned that the best reason to start a business is "you care about a problem so much, you're willing to do whatever it takes to solve it" as Des Traynor from Intercom mentioned. I observed a powerful group of people with autism or disability conditions for whom dis-ability is out of their dictionary. I realized no matter what situation I am in, I need help from a wide-stream of people to solve the issues in the community and I am not alone. It was useful to see that Hubspot has created a CULTURE in their company around diversity and inclusion, and equity. In one sentence: "Diversity is the new norm".

Adeleh prepared a short video which captures a flavour of the event.

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