University of Galway has a long established tradition of working closely with employers to address future skills needs and current employment skills gaps. RPL is just one mechanism that supports such collaboration.

RPL for Enterprise  is when higher education institutions and enterprise come together in partnership to:


  1. Give value to informal and non formal workplace learning in the context of the national framework of qualifications
  2. Utilize ‘invisible’ learning as a bridge to a new learning opportunity. This could be in the form of
  • Module exemptions
  • Advanced entry to courses
  • Entry to courses

     3. Upskill/reskill cohorts of workers in line with their needs and the needs of the organization 


Thus RPL practice for Enterprise and Employers is diverse, encompassing, for example, access to existing programmes and access or advanced entry (exemptions) to customised programmes (including Special Purpose Awards and Microcredentials) whose development may be RPL driven. There is also diversity regarding the enterprise sectors involved, including the pharmaceutical, agri-food, green, medical technology and aviation sectors.

Overall RPL can be a valuable tool for employers to develop the skills and knowledge of their workforce, improve productivity and performance, and attract and retain talent. By recognizing and valuing the prior learning of employees employers can also demonstrate their commitment to investing in their workforce and promoting a culture of continuous learning and development.