Our congratulations if you have been successfully funded.   This page will guide you through the topline information you need and help get you started on your project.



Top tips

1. Account set-up can take time, so get the ball rolling as quickly as possible.
2. Be aware of NUI Galway policies relating to research.

Accepting an award and putting agreements in place

Please visit our dedicated Starting your Research Project page where we will try and guide you through the next steps in getting your project up and running and your legal documentation in place. 

Recruiting Researchers
Research posts are funded by external funding grants and agencies and are usually on a fixed-term contract basis.  The University recognises the need for research units to be in a position to recruit research staff in as expedient a manner as possible while adhering to best practice methods of recruitment and selection and in compliance with legislation. 

HR will assist and advise staff of Research Units/Schools/Colleges in managing the recruitment of research staff.  All offers of employment at NUI Galway must be processed by the HR office. Visit the section on Recruiting Researchers on the HR website

It's worth noting that NUI Galway was awarded the HR Excellence in Research Award  (HRS4R) by the European Commission in 2013. This was in recognition of our continued commitment to adopting and implementing the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, otherwise known as the Charter and Code.  The university has successfully achieved retention of this award in both 2015 and more recently under the revised EU guidelines in 2020.

Industry / Commercial elements

If the funding is from a source such as Enterprise Ireland Awards, is an industry collaboration, is contract research or pertains in any way to intellectual property (or potential IP) please also notify the  Innovation Office.  There are dedicated Commercialisation Executives for different disciplines.


For major grants, the funder often takes the lead announcing multiple awards across institutions, so you may need to follow there lead on that. You should, however, keep our Press Office in the loop so that they are aware of your award if you think it will be of media interest. Their email is pressoffice@nuigalway.ie.  

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