REBPAF Doctoral Training Events

17 November 2023 - Introduction (University of Galway, in-person)

First in-person plenary meeting with introductory talk by Ad Putter on the over-arching aims and objectives of the network. REBPAF researcher group presentations on the connections and overlapping themes between their individual projects and how they connect to the overall knowledge contribution of the larger project. Personal Development Plan training.

Organizer(s): Emerson & Reid                                                                                       


20-25 March  2024 - Codicology & Bibliography (University of Alicante, in-person)

5-day workshop covering the printing process; type, format, woodcuts; bindings; descriptive and analytical bibliography; printed and digital resources for early book studies.

Organizer(s): Sánchez-Martí & Garcia                                                                               


May 2024 - Multimodality Translation (Online)

Studies & Linguistics Course of 3 seminars on translation studies and its relevance to medieval and early modern studies; overview of various theories and subfields, with particular reference to audio-visual translation, multimodality in linguistics and its applications to early book design.

Organizer(s): Kohnen & Emerson                                                                                       


July 2024 - Equality & Diversity in Medieval & Early Modern Studies (Online)

One-day workshop covering EDI legislation, policy and good practice; and gender and diversity as it impacts research, with specific reference to the challenges of inclusiveness (race, class, disability, gender, religion and sexuality) for researchers in medieval and early modern studies.

Organizer(s): Ailes                                                                                                           


23-27 September 2024 - Palaeography (Vienna, in-person)

Intensive and hands-on 5-day workshop on medieval and early modern handwriting, based on the manuscript collections of the Austrian National Library. Covering writing supports; collation; scripts (textura, cursiva, and hybrida, etc.); confusibilia; common abbreviations; punctuation; ordinatio.

Organizer(s): Meyer & Kasha (ÖNB)                                                                               


Novermber 2024 - Textual Criticism (Online)

A course of 4 seminars covering new and traditional methods of textual criticism: (1) recension and stemmatics; (2) direct and best-text editing; (3) mouvance and variance; (4) editorial resources and emendation

Organizer(s): Trachsler & Putter                                                                                      


24-27 March 2025 - Digital Humanities for You (Antwerp, in-person)

Course of 5 seminars covering (1) digital markup (XML and TEI guidelines for digital editions and the curation of digital metadata. (2) data science (basic methodologies in this field, with an emphasis on the dominant visualization techniques in academia and industry today; (3) stylometry (quantitative analysis of writing style, open-source "stylo" software and how to use it); (4) machine learning (the main ideas behind machine learning; toolkits in the field (e.g., scikit-learn) and how to use them; (5) handwritten text recognition; hands-on work with Transkribus (the primary platform in this domain).

Organizer(s): Kestemont & Fox                                                                               


27-28 March 2025 - General Meeting 1 (Antwerp, in-person)

Research-in-progress presentations by researchers; career development training to be provided by representatives from Inlibris, Boydell and Brewer, Cúirt, Klosterneuburg, and Timothy Bolton, Head of Western Manuscripts at Bloomsbury Auctions and Visiting Senior Research Fellow (Bristol). Researchers 1-5 share career and skills insights acquired during secondments with the cohort. Collective stock-taking by researchers, supervisors, associate partners, and scientific consultative board members, to review research questions and training provision. The research-in-progress presentations will be open to other researchers.

Organizer(s): Putter, Ailes & Kestemont


September 2025 - Open Science (Online)

Day-long training event in two parts: (1) Introduction to Open Science: the concepts behind Open Science, the benefits of open access publishing, and issues of research data management and data sharing; (2) Introduction to Open Educational Resources (OER): the advantages of OER to students, lecturers, and society at large. It will cover practicalities of locating, reusing, remixing, or creating an OER from scratch – with a special focus on using open licenses. The session will conclude with a practical hands-on tutorial with the OER creation tool Pressbooks.

Organizer(s): Reid & Schwamm & Meen & Wong and Luies


March 2026 - General Meeting 2 (University of Zurich, in-person)

Like General Meeting 1, but with career development training to be provided by representatives from ÖNB, Quaternio, Vlaamse Erfgoedbibliotheken. Researchers 6-11 share career and skills insight gained at secondments with the cohort.

Organizer(s): Cardelle de Hartmann & Trachsler


April/May 2026 - Book Publishing and the Contemporary World (TBD Online or Galway)

Book Publishing in the Contemporary World Drawing on NUIG’s experience of its long-established MA in Literature and Publishing, this course of 6 workshops will bring in NUIG expertise and industry experts to cover: the lifecycle of a book from proposal to publication; setting up an independent press and/or new lit mag; the world of educational and/or academic publishing; literary agenting; bookselling; copyright law; international rights management; the world of books journalism.

Organizer(s): Emerson & Reid


September 2026 - International Conference (British Academy London, in-person)

A final project conference (three-days), held at the British Academy, London, leading to open-access conference proceedings. The conference will feature papers from all researchers, two plenary speakers from outside the network; and speakers selected following a public call for papers. To include sessions on the interface of academic history of the book research and heritage, publishing and book-trading sectors. Invitations to representatives from these sectors, including associate partners.

Organizer(s): Putter & Ailes, Emerson & Reid