Welcome to the Centre for Neuroimaging, Cognition and Genomics

Nicog LogoThe Center for Neuroimaging, Cognition and Cognitive Genomics was established to build on the synergistic activities of researchers from neuroimaging, cognitive neuroscience and psychiatric genetics. An immediate focus of the center is to foster collaborative research activities between researchers and groups working in this field within the university, as well as national and international collaborations. 

These activities include:

  1. Establish a network of cognitive neuroscience, neuroimaging, and genetics researchers working in the area of mental health.
  2. Fostering collaborative research studies (e.g. via shared supervision of postgraduate students) and greater sharing of facilities and resources (e.g. existing data, analysis tools and software, server space).
  3. Sharing and maximising educational and training opportunities across groups (e.g. seminar activities, laboratory meetings, invited speakers). In doing so, this center will seek to solidify and enhance these activities that currently occur informally between the groups.
  4. Promote opportunities for joint research grant funding applications between colleagues (e.g. national applications such as HRB and SFI; international opportunities such as Wellcome trust and Horizon 2020).
  5. Further develop a research infrastructure that will facilitate research excellence in neuroimaging and cognitive genomics, attract top quality researchers to NUIG Galway to work in this area, and highlight NUI Galway as the leading center nationally for research activity in these interdisciplinary fields.